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WWSD? (What Would Swearengen Do?)

swearengenMy friends all know that I loves me some Deadwood. The award-winning HBO western is one of my favorite shows ever, and probably only second to Sci Fi’s Battlestar Galactica in my current TV obsessions.

So what a bummer it was to learn that HBO has not yet renewed the cast’s contracts for a fourth season. This news has gotten the fans worried, and the inevitable Save Deadwood campaign has cropped up. I decided to let HBO know how I felt about the show, and I urge you to, too. Today I got a response that included this gem:

Despite recent articles on the future of our HBO original series “DEADWOOD”, there has been no decision for the future of the series, and conversations regarding a fourth season are ongoing. Since “DEADWOOD” creator David Milch is working on another HBO Original series, we’ve granted our beloved Deadwood cast the latitude to pursue other projects, for the time being.

I’m sorry, but what kind of political doublespeak is “granted our beloved Deadwood cast the latitude to pursue other projects,” exactly? Isn’t that a little like saying, “I love you so much, I think we should see other people”? What do you think Deadwood’s foul mouthed protagonist Al Swearengen would have to say to that hoople-headed nonsense? I’m not sure, but I know a certain C-word that would probably appear multiple times.

And another thing: Was “creator David Milch is working on another HBO Original series” a way of shifting blame, hinting that Milch has lost interest? I hope not. He’s obviously put a lot into this and has always said he had a four year story to tell.

Here’s hoping clear heads prevail and we get the last year of the Deadwood story without a major casting shake-up. And, Dave? Your new show? I can’t wait to see that, too.

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