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What’s a nice Viper deckhand like you doing in a Tiki Bar like this?

tiki cally

Battlestar Galactica may be in-between seasons after one of the most daring cliffhangers in TV history, but that doesn’t mean the characters are just hanging around waiting for Ron to call.

I may be one of the few people out there who’s a member of both the Battlestar Galactica community of nerddom and the Tiki Bar TV support group, but I couldn’t help but notice that Galactica’s Specialist Cally (aka Nicki Clyne) showed up on the most recent episode of Tiki Bar TV as the adorable Spock-eared girl from space.

tiki cally

Some of her memorable lines:

“I’ve really come here to learn Earth dance moves.”

“Can you teach me to be ripped, too?”

“Frell!” (When she falls down. Farscape shout out!)

“Yes, it’s true. I am from the outer space.”

tiki cally

Like the season finale of BSG, this episode of Tiki Bar TV also ends on a cliffhanger. So be sure to subscribe to their video podcast to find out how it ends! Let’s see if she winds up a year in the future and pregnant again.

tiki cally

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