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Monday Melange


It’s PoMo! The Powazek Moblog. Nifty, eh?

Greetings from Blogtown

In the old days, I used my personal log to post updates about {fray} – what was new, what the frayers were up to, and links to other similar storytelling sites. At some point it occurred to me that kinda stuff should probably be on itself, not buried here on my personal site. It was that idea that kick-started my desire to redesign the whole site.

So now, a week after the redesign launched, I’m happy to announce the birth of Storyblog, {fray}’s weblog devoted to storytelling on the web. It’ll feature links and info on the frayers, the site, and personal storytelling in general. And hopefully not just from me – all the frayers have been invited to contribute.

And, yeah, I purposely used the word “blog” this time. It’s a word I’ve avoided in the past for two reasons: 1) For the people who knew what it meant, it came with all sorts of baggage, and 2) For the people who didn’t know what it meant, it was just nonsense. But this time around I’m scooping it up and making it mine. Why? Maybe enough people know what it means now. Or maybe I just want to prove that things called “blogs” don’t have to be all linkwhoring and warmongering. We’ll see if it sticks.

California Dreamin’

California Authors is a smart little website on a mission to steal some limelight from the writers on that other coast. So I was honored when they asked me to contribute. Check out an old SF Stories favorite, Twenty-five Cents and Counting, now on

Three Thousand Words

Congratulations to my sweetie Heather on her trifecta of winnerdom in the first-annual Photobloggies. Her personal playground Harrumph! scooped up the coveted Best Digital Photo Blog (I won’t tell about her current film fetish) and her collaborative site The Mirror Project (of which I’m a frequent contributor) took the awards for Best Photo Meme and Best Group/Community Site.

Almost March Already

I can hardly believe it myself, but March is almost here. And with it comes South by Southwest Interactive. I’ve been contributing to the conference for, oy, seven years now. This year I’m keeping a low profile. If you wanna catch me, you’ll find me at two events:

Sunday, March 9: Fray Cafe 3
Join the frayers at the Mercury Lounge for a night of true personal storytelling, emceed by yours truly.

Monday, March 10: Surviving Your Own Collaborative Project
Join Heather, Michael, and I for a panel discussion on the hazards and joys of collaborative websites.

Hope to see you there!

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