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What’s on Your List?

OnMyListSo me and six thousand of my friends are participating in National Blog Posting Month right now, which means we’ve all agreed to post to our blogs every day of November. I don’t know about my fellow NaBloPoMo-ers, but today’s the nineteenth day of this and I’m getting to the bottom of the barrel. So here’s a suggestion: Try making a list!

Lists are kind of magic. A list can be about anything, but it’s a constraining enough format to help organize a chaotic brain. Any thought can become a list, as it reminds you of other, similar things. As I wrote about in Chopping Blocks, sometimes adding a constraint can inspire something new.

Lists are important to journalism, as well. I once had an editor who insisted that each issue have at least one Top 10 list. “People love Top 10 lists,” he said. He was right. Every issue with a list on the cover flew off the shelves.

So now imagine a webzine that was constructed entirely out of lists. Well, that’s On My List!

Here’s what On My List is, in list format:

  • a fun new web tool for making lists
  • an inclusive and growing community of listmakers
  • a company I recently joined as an advisor and listmaker.

So if you’re looking to try out a fun new site, or are part of NaBloPoMo and looking for a little inspiration, give On My List a try!

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