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I Love You, Too, V-Moda

Blogs are so often used for the “I’m outraged at this company” kinda posts, I thought I’d go out of my way to mention companies doing it right. A couple days ago I professed my love for Uline because of their excellent customer service. Today I thought I’d give a little love to V-Moda.

Shortly after I got my iPhone back in June, V-Moda was the first earphone manufacturer to come out with a set of earbuds designed for the iPhone’s funky recessed mini-jack. I’d owned a pair of V-Moda Vibe earbuds before and liked them, so I bought a pair of the new Vibe Duo’s. (Here’s a link to V-Moda’s site, but be prepared for Flash-based, auto-playing music annoyance.)

The earbuds worked great. The sound is very full, the buds themselves are very lightweight and easy to wear, and they just look darn cool. I only had two complaints: 1. There’s a lot of line noise (when something taps the cord, you hear it), but that’s common with earbuds. And 2. They didn’t have the clicker the Apple earbuds had, to pause and answer the phone and such.

A couple weeks ago, the right speaker just stopped working. It had only been five months – well under the 1-year warranty. All it took was one email to V-Moda and they gave me a return authorization. I mailed the Vibe Duos back.


Today I got a spanking new pair and was thrilled to find out that, in the time since I bought mine, they’d come out with the “Vibe Duo Nero 2” (their naming department needs to chill) – a new version of the earbuds that have added the iPhone clicker. The fob on the cord is a little bigger as a result, but it’s a tradeoff I’m happy to make for the added functionality. The new buds sound as good as ever and really make me realize how awful my other pair was (Ultimate Ears 4vi).

So bravo to V-Moda for improving their product, offering a friendly return policy, and giving me more than I’d asked for. (Now if only they could do something about the line noise.)

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