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Lit at the Canvas Recap

The Lit at the Canvas event was a blast. Paul Flores kicked things off in high gear with hyperkenetic slam poetry, Elizabeth Rosner read sweet, beautiful prose from her novel, “The Speed of Light.” Daphne Gottlieb delivered passionate poetry with one hand on her book and the other flailing wildly. And Jack Boulware read stunning, hysterical stories, ending with a treat for those who stayed late: An inside look at a porn film shoot. Naked text, indeed.

And me? Mostly I didn’t stutter, and a few folks thanked me for my stories, so I feel pretty good about it. I read a new SF Story, The Silly Person, which is another case of turning the insanity of life into a story, if just to exert some control over the chaos. Then I read a couple old favorites: The Nicest Person in San Francisco (how weird is it to read a story about being a stupid 17 year-old when you’re 30?) and An Unusual Heat (for Heather).

A great time was had by all. Or, at least, by me. Giant thanks to Kevin and Melinda for including me on the bill!

Read on for photos. »

The house was packed.

Kevin Smokler doing the emcee thing.

Paul Flores brought a buzz to the room.

Elizabeth Rosner read beautiful stuff.

Daphne Gottlieb looked like this …

… but she sounded like this.

Jack Boulware was an extra in a porn movie. Really.

Of course, I wound up with no photos of myself, because I was too busy being nervous to remember to give my camera to someone take some pictures of my performance. But trust me, I was there!

UPDATE: See? Told ya.

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