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My two favorite songbloggers (please tell me I didn’t just invent that word) Scott Andrew and Shannon Campbell are taking part in Blogathon 2003 by spending 24 hours blogging for charity.

Big deal right? How hard is it to hit a post button over and over? Well, in this case, these two amazingly talented songwriters are collaborating on songs in public. The day started with Scott posting a text snippet and the song grew from there. Thirteen and a half hours later, the first song was done. Two guitars, two voices, multiple harmonies … hell, the thing even has a harmonica solo! And now, as I type this, the two crazy kids are working on song number two.

Oh, and they’re 2630.6 miles apart, collaborating via email and instant messages. I’ve been a part of many a band that couldn’t get it together when were all in the same room. This? This is phenomenal.

And if all that wasn’t enough, they’ve raised almost a thousand dollars for Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation, which supports music education in underserved schools nationwide.

Here’s to the two bestest, brightest, bravest songwriters I know. Bravo!

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