Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

Archive for October 2003

Rusty and Robot

By popular demand: 1024×768 Evil Robot Desktop.

Sign People

Around the corner, at the top of dog shit park, there’s this sign that keeps getting decorated. After I took…

Seeing Seattle

The scenic Pike Street Market, with its rows and rows of fish, and the original Starbucks where the mermaid still…

KnowSpam 100k

It’s been almost exactly four months since I started running my email through KnowSpam, and I’ve just passed the 100,000…

Yay for Katie

Katie was already my favorite because she was the first to buy a Fray Day 7 Shirt. But now that…

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Hi, I’m Derek. I used to make websites. Now I grow flowers and know things. I’m mostly harmless. More.