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links for 2010-06-15

Inside the writers room: Top scifi TV writers reveal tricks of the trade A rare glimpse into the writer's room,…

links for 2010-06-13

“for the lolz”: 4chan is hacking the attention economy Danah Boyd on 4chan as hackers of the attention economy. My…

links for 2010-06-12

Mind Over Mass Media – "Yes, every time we learn a fact or skill the wiring of the brain…

5 Days of Growth in 35 Seconds

I left the PlantCam on my window plants when we were in Canada. Here’s what they did in 5 days, one shot every 15 minutes, 5am to 9am.

Why Everything Sucks, Why That’s Awesome, and How It’s Changing Us

I think I’ve finally figured out why everything sucks. And it’s actually kind of awesome. I bought my first guitar…

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