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Elsewhere: My Review of the New Flickr at TechHive

The new Flickr: Goodbye customers, hello ads Flickr didn’t actually explain itself. It took away a core part of its…

Flickr: Domini Domini Domini, You’re All Christians Now

Flickr has added a Christian signifier to my virtual home and I have no way to remove it. In the eyes of the rest of the community, Flickr has turned me into a Christian.

Video on Flickr! Watch my dogs!

Now that Video on Flickr has launched, I can share these close, personal moments with you. Here is Chieka Rolling…

Flickr Blows

Congrats to Flickr on four amazing years. I accompanied Heather to 111 Minna earlier today to help set up for…

Get Lucky!

My wife, she’s always up to something. And this time, she’s inviting you to participate! Heather picked up a bunch…

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