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Swan Swan Hummingbird

Could this be it? An insight to what those words mean, finally, after 20 years of them rattling around in my brain? Could I be right? Only Michael Stipe could know for sure.

The Two Bit Recordings, Part 2

Another song from that 1994 session. It’s melancholy and dramatic and my voice cracks at the end. Perfect. MP3: 4mb:…

The Two Bit Recordings

Back in college, my friends Jed and Roz and I would break into a UCSC classroom in the middle of…

Sure you’re out there

Another song for those of you who liked the last one. I can’t be sure of the date on this…

Ten years time

Ten years ago, if you’d asked me what I was, my answer would have been “songwriter.” This was before the…

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