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spam spam spam

It seems that, lately, spammers have become very concerned about the size of my penis.

I find this sweet, unnerving, and also unnecessary.


Are you folks getting as much spam as I am? What part of your body are they interested in?

{ 1:02am }



» I get some penis-related spam too.

Most of the time the spam is from a "designer" advertising his wonderful skills at Flash websites.

"Yeah right" on both accounts!

Tom Cosgrave  { 3.23.01 @ 2:09am }

» I don't think anyone has EVER mentioned my penis in e-mail. I consider myself to be challenged in the penis-related mail stakes. Typical that everyone else should have a bigger pile of penis-related mail than me. My mail-ness, it seems, is under threat...

Tom  { 3.23.01 @ 4:56am }

» Ironically, iIve gotten this kind of spam too.

And I'm Female.

Oh how targeted emails go horribly wrong.

Guess having an ambiguous moniker like "Kris" is just asking for it.

kris  { 3.23.01 @ 7:27am }

» I get penis-spam all the time. I'm not sure why this is, and I only get it on my more 'seedy' mail accounts, re:hotmail & yahoo.

But still. No one is sending me mail saying, "Here! Let me show you how to make your breasts smaller." That'd be a target email miracle! :)

.anathea.  { 3.23.01 @ 7:53am }

» I've lately gotten a lot of both the penis spam and the Flash spam, each about a half-dozen times a week.

The Flash spam includes a phone number, so I've been calling to harrass them. It's worth the 9 cents a minute to chew out a spammer. Hey, I think I just came up with a great idea for a 900 number! "Harrass a spammer! Only $4.95 a minute!"

– Luke  { 3.23.01 @ 8:01am }

» I have the "tina" on my "kris" moniker, which ought to mark female, and I've gotten five copies in the last week. There's been an explosion for spam to my e-mail lately, and I don't know why: I suspect that yahoogroups might be responsible: it's only since the switchover from egroups that this has really started.

And, for an odd reason, the only e-mail I have on a personal webpage.... absolutely spam free.

My boyfriend's forbidden me from responding to this solictation, though. More's the pity, I suppose.

– kristina  { 3.23.01 @ 9:19am }

» My lifepartner Deek is particularly fond of goofing with the tiny minds of spammers. The last time he got the "add inches overnight" spam, I had just gotten one for Yet Another Weight Loss Nostrum and we were both "gurmping" simultaneously. (That's a Deekism for "kvetching".) Then we each looked at each other and had one of those We Are Both Thinking The Same Great Thing moments.

Essentially, we transposed the spams and after obtaining telephone contact with the senders of each, we played "Suckers With Disposable Income and No Brains" and explained we could not understand why we were getting mail about "adding" or "subtracting" inches from ourselves. It was a riot. They were SO confused...I wish to hell there'd been some way of taping this.

Demi Monde  { 3.23.01 @ 10:18am }

» Are these messages coming from I've received at least six messages from that address in the last two days. Possibly the most eye-catching spam address ever.

derek o  { 3.23.01 @ 1:46pm }

» Mine came (well, not really, but the From: address said so) from

Subject: Enlarge your penis in 2 weeks, guaranteed!
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 09:43:13 -0800

BTW, what's up with dating a spam 2 weeks or more in the past? It just means nobody sees it because it ends up in the wrong place in their mailbox...

– Nicholas Riley  { 3.23.01 @ 2:37pm }

» I have been getting laser printer toner spam for the past three years. I don't even have a laser printer.

Usually it comes one or twice a month. It's from a different email address every time, and every single one of them bounces when I try to reply.

Buried inside the emails there is an 800 number for the "removal hotline". I called it a few times, and it's some guy speaking in about the slowest drawl possible. After about 5 minutes of listening, I managed to leave a very angry message. They said it'd take up to two months to get removed. That was a year ago.

I get a lot of debt reduction spam, and a lot of spam from a guy named Dave who claims that his product is banned from eBay. I haven't read it to actually find out what that product is. So far, I haven't gotten any penis spam. Must be they've all seen my porn movies ;)

Dave  { 3.23.01 @ 3:26pm }

» oh yeah, I think it was Craig Mitchell ( who thought of a fun new way to deal with spam in one of his writings on his site. It had to do with finding mailing addresses and mailing them garbage and wrappers and other junk.

I'll have to go look it up. I think I'm remembering the right site.

You should go there anyway, because She Hates My Futon is just brilliant.

Dave  { 3.23.01 @ 3:29pm }

» I got a very obnoxious spam mailing containing several bible verses and a lot of holier-than-thou themed urges for me to repent. I wrote a very indignant reply, but naturally, it bounced. I just don't appreciate being preached at, thanks!

I've gotten spam for "Herbal V, the herbal viagra", printer cartridge refills, weight loss plans, the list goes on - and on and on and on. It's disappointing to check one's mail and find only crap.

I also received a letter from someone at "", saying that my url hadn't attracted much traffic lately (thanks for the tip), offering their services to add it to "millions" of search engines, for money, no less. I thought it could be spam except then there was a very recent screenshot of my site in the body of the email. The hell?

sammy  { 3.24.01 @ 6:26am }

» Ditto...spam has gotten some better intelligence lately, deftly maneuvering past my spam filters and my bulk mail traps...

Now I get offers for herbal viagra on a constant basis.

Yardsale  { 3.28.01 @ 4:00pm }

» I seem to be getting a lot of Nigerian spam lately... this or that "professional" that does not know me, but that would be more than happy to meet me, and GIVE me money.. who would have ever thought that Nigeria has such a high penetration of web users? lol  { 3.31.01 @ 10:11pm }

» sammy - I got that TrafficMagnet spam too, for a german-language site I am running... they obviously have some nice little tool to take screenshots and send mails with the pic and link to email-addresses mentioned on the site automatically.

I also seem to have gotten on some taiwanese spam-lists recently... I recieve ads from .tw that I can't even read.

Funny subject lines of spam I recieved today: "I LOVE YOU AND I DON'T WANT YOU TO DIE!" (ad for diet program), "go to straight" (ad for porn site from Japan)

– c3o  { 4.1.01 @ 12:19pm }

» OMG! So I am not alone! I have been getting these penis enlargement emails for sometime now and I get so sick of it. I mean - I am pretty sure I don't need an enlargement! ;-)

Sarah  { 4.4.01 @ 3:16pm }

» their concern is global!!
i get spam about penisgrowth 2..
i'm in holland

– leo  { 4.4.01 @ 4:19pm }

» what is it with these africans, wanting to give money away? i moved to switzerland a couple of months ago, and i even get offers to my new work email address ... which isn't published anywhere on the internet. guess the dark continent is a lot more technically advanced than switzerland ...

Mark  { 4.10.01 @ 5:32am }

» I get Nigerian money laundering spam every day. Sometimes twice. I've been using to "report" the spam but it doesn't seem to be working. According to the NUMEROUS spam, if you added up all the money that needs to be moved from offshore accounts, private vaults, and personal bank accounts, that country should be living the highlife!

Thank god I don't penis growth spam. I guess I'm just not recognized as a possible customer. hehe

– Jeff  { 8.2.01 @ 9:06am }

» I get it all -- penis enlargement, swiss account offers, money laundering -- all the sex stuff you could imagine -- my block sender is full and those that have a removal system just resend under a different name. I've lost precious mail because of these spammers -- I can't go away for three days without my accounts going over the limit and my older stuff is automatically cleared - even in accounts I use just for storage. It's ridiculous!!! And, I've never heard of any guy named rebecca or beck.

Becky Davis  { 8.17.01 @ 10:04am }


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