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2000 the weblog
I still don't know if this design was a "weblog," but people kept calling it that. A reporter even called it a "blog tour de force." But I never wanted to join a movement – I just wanted to tell people what was up with me and my sites.
The sutrocam
What's a weblog?
SXSW 2000
Memorial day
Mom's yom tov
I like to travel
Goodbye Scarlet

1999 the rectangle
This remains one of my favorite designs ever. It was flexible (I changed the photo on the left a lot), personal, and had an edge to it. The original used early dhtml to flip the innards, but over time that changed to simple html.
Robin Leach flipped me off
Portal parody

1998 the experiments
This was a period where I was more interested in exploring my visual side than my verbal side. I redesigned the homepage every couple weeks as a way to exercise my design muscles and try out new styles. This was a lot of fun.
Webzine '98

1997 the alphabet
This was the first design I did specifically for powazek.com. I wanted a homepage, but I wanted something different. I wanted to dole out personal information piece by piece. I wanted to make the visitor work for it.
Playing with pixels
Fish story

1996 the homepage
This is not my oldest homepage – there were about three versions before this, but those are lost to the digital ether. This is the oldest thing I still have online, and I keep it to remind myself of a time when the web was a simpler place.
I'm a vegetarian

the archives
Powazek.com has been many things over the years. The material here started out at ucsc.edu when I was a student, then moved to hotwired.com/staff when I got my first real job, eventually migrating to this domain.

This site has been a homepage, a series of design experiments, a quasi-weblog, and a business calling card. And the evolution probably won't stop here.

You can explore the last five years of powazek.com faces by clicking on the screenshots to the left. Enjoy!

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