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I'm home in San Francisco, California where I belong.



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friday, march, 31

Another beautiful spring day in Chicago. I took the train to Navy Pier in time to catch the last of the panels. Shauna was rocking through the "dealing with difficult clients" talk.

Last night I went to an amazing jazz club called the Velvet Lounge with some wonderful, dear friends. The place looked like a movie set - complete with a glowing marble bar. The couple in the VIP booth were molesting each other as Steve taught me the difference between whisky, burbon, and rye - complete with examples. It was a wonderful, wonderful moment.

As of today I am finally on vacation. I'm going to spend the next couple days catching up with my supercool step-sister Kari and her husband Steve, and fending off their slutty cats, George and Lou. I'm looking forward to exploring the many swirling shades of red and brown brick in Chicago.   + 12:50 PM


thursday, march, 30

For what it's worth, I hate Verdana. I think its x-height is way too big. It's overcompensating for some very real monitor readability issues, but the only way to make it look good is to make it tiny, which kinda defeats the point. Plus, everybody and their mom uses it. If you're visiting this site in a 4.0 browser on a mac, you're getting treated to my favorite serif font, Palatino. If you're on windows, I believe you get Georgia or Times. I hate Times, too, but much less than Verdana. And dentistry.   + 2:25 PM

Success! My talk went really well. I did the whole hour and a half without a grand exodus. I even cracked a few zingers. People tend to pay attention if you make them laugh once in a while. Very very fun. Favorite moments so far:

  • Hearing DJ Shadow and Moby on the stereo while posting to my site from the online lounge.

  • Having a guy I've never met walk by me on my way to the talk and call out: "Hey, nice redesign!"

  • Meeting cool, sincere people of like mind.

  + 2:08 PM

Speaking of redesigns, I just wanted to mention that the previous incarnation of this site is still around, and there's a gallery of previous powazek.com homepages somewhere around here, too. The web is about process. Like art. Like life.   + 10:15 AM

Reactions to the new design have been coming in, and by and large they're pretty positive, which is nice. I'm glad people are interested in it, don't get me wrong, but I find the idea of critiquing the design of personal sites rather distasteful. Maybe it's just me.   + 9:10 AM

Hello, Boston! It's beautiful here. Crisp and cold and bright sunshiny sun. I can see my breath outside. The conference floor is buzzing - it looks like WebChicago is going to be better attended than WebBoston was. I remember looking for tumbleweeds there.   + 8:56 AM


tuesday, march, 28

So I've finally done it. I've redesigned. No more frames (not that frames are bad, mind you - frames are good). No more bigass photo of me (though it threatens to reappear). More room for text. More room for photos. And, yes, I'm even using that cool blogger thing you keep hearing about.

The most interesting thing about this for me is the switch from an application-based tool to a web-based one. There are some immediate benefits. I've been traveling so much this month, I finally decided I want to be able to post from any old networked computer I come across. That's power.

But there's something ephemeral about the creative process (and creative is what this is, baby). I'm especially curious to see how changing the tool I use changes my creative output (as well as the experience of creating).

One thing's for sure: I'm already babbling more. Be afraid.

(Comments and bug reports on the new design are welcome, of course.)

In other news, I'm about to get on yet another plane (yes, that's three trips this month). This time I'm off to Chicago for Web Chicago. I'll be giving a talk on Thursday. It's an open session, so come on by!   + 9:29 PM

I can neither confirm, nor deny, any prior knowledge of, or association with, the contents of this gif animation.   + 8:32 PM

For those of you who went to sxsw, I've been adding links to the end page like crazy. Lemme know if you've got one, too.   + 8:32 PM

It's nice to see Adam tending his garden, weeds or not.

I'm using blogger now, so the archives will be a little different. Here's a link to all that came before.   + 6:48 PM

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