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I'm home in San Francisco, California where I belong.



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thursday, november 30

Wow.   + 3:27 PM


wednesday, november 29

Great writing today on TeeVee: "I'm positively smitten. In fact, I'm so full of smit, I'd watch an hour of her just buttering toast."

"Full of smit." I like that.   + 10:07 PM


tuesday, november 28

happy returns

Two of my favorite personal sites have been reborn, thanks in part to Blogger. Welcome back, Shmuel and Shauna. Nice to see you again.   + 8:43 PM

mom was right

Okay, mom. You were right. I should have learned to type in High School.

There. I said it.

You were right. Boy do I wish I'd learned to type, now that I'm spending every day pecking out a book with two fingers and a thumb for the space bar. You were right right right.

But you were wrong about the math. I never use that shit.   + 8:30 PM


saturday, november 25


Foggy San Francisco morning. Saturday morning cartoons. Bagles in the toaster, coffee in a mug. Eggs with green salsa. This American Life on the radio. Nowhere to go, not much to do.

Sometimes it feels like it all might really be okay.   + 12:59 PM


thursday, november 23

Happy thanksgiving.   + 10:48 AM


wednesday, november 22


"You cannot fight to remain yourself if it is not a fighter you hope to preserve."   + 11:52 PM

the art of the cryptic post

L$&urt@ltg!i3$z@lqb&il$&.lTuyy#ail$&uqzhzo.l:v)   + 4:27 PM

dfc news

Are you an artist, illustrator, or photographer? Have I got a challenge for you....   + 12:12 PM

my little sister

In the age old nature vs. nurture argument, I used to be solidly nurture. We are who we choose to be, dammit. But I have to admit, the older I get, the more I start to believe in genetics.   + 11:13 AM


tuesday, november 21

... or not

Original voluntary micropayment advocate Dinah reminded me that the new PayPal pricing stuff I was kvetching about below only effects credit card transactions. If one PayPal member pays another out of their PayPal account, the 30 cent charge doesn't apply. So there's hope, I guess.   + 7:24 PM

so much for that

Using PayPal for voluntary micropayments just got a lot harder. As of today, they place a minimum 30 cent charge per credit card transaction. (This was 25 cents a month ago, and nothing before that.) Anything over 30 cents also has 2.2% charge (up from 1.9% last month).

So much for the idea of tipping people for putting their content online. Now, if you give me a quarter, it all goes to PayPal.

Bummer.   + 3:30 PM

new in {fray}

A special holiday story makes its annual return to the {fray}. This thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?   + 12:25 PM


saturday, november 18

dfc news

Since I don't have enough to do, I'm experimenting with the community tools over at CommunityZero. Come check out the little site I built and let me know what you think!   + 1:03 PM


friday, november 17


A few days ago, when I made a to do list and stuck it on my desktop, one of the items on it was "get drive back."

Of course, I meant my hard drive. I have to get it back from the drive recovery place.

But when I looked at the list this morning, I briefly thought it meant something else. And for a moment I wondered how I could have been so prescient.   + 4:11 PM

The more I hear people joke about elitism, the more I wonder if they're joking at all.   + 8:56 AM


thursday, november 16

spoo likes socks

spoo in the drawer
  + 6:38 PM


tuesday, november 14

The posts to I Voted over at {fray} are getting very interesting.   + 11:41 AM


saturday, november 11

Coming soon to a toy store near you: the Powazek action figure! (Thanks to everyone who offered suggestions for my super powers.)   + 5:47 PM

Zeldman's latest is incredibly moving, funny, and bittersweet ... all at the same time. Taking pain and turning it into art – now that is what the web is for.   + 2:38 PM

The next time someone tells you that they don't vote because a single vote doesn't matter, roll up a newspaper and thwap them on the head 17 times.   + 1:28 PM


friday, november 10

Happiness is a brand new monitor.   + 3:15 PM

In any other country, there'd be tanks rolling on Washington by now. But not in America. Here we just send lawyers.   + 2:56 PM


thursday, november 9

new in sfstories

Sick of the election yet? I'm not.   + 1:22 PM

my personal opinion

This is a personal page. I am a personal, uh, person. I have personal opinions. If you know me (or any of my sites) at all, you know I have a hard time not saying what I think. I see no reason why I should censor myself on my own site.

So here's what I think. I think Bush is a frat boy. He's a dunderheaded, village idiot who shouldn't be let near the oval office. My political awakening was in the 80s with his father, the one-term wonder, who threatened to send me to the gulf when I turned 18. I can't believe anyone has been duped into taking this little smirking weasel seriously.

I think that Gore is well-meaning but boring as a rock and that's why he's gonna loose. I fall asleep when I hear him speak, and I'm predisposed to like him. All those people who are still angry about what his boss did for the last 8 years will never allow him in the White House.

And Nader? Oh, Nader. Wanna hate me? I voted for Nader. There. I said it. I voted for Nader because I decided to let my idealism win out over my realism. Do I regret it? No, because Gore took California. Would I regret it if I lived in Florida? Absolutely.

The truth is, Nader is an intellectual. He's an idealist who, unfortunately, has no place in the corrupt world of American politics. And that's probably the biggest shame of all.

So there you go. Those are my personal opinions, here, posted on my personal page. Don't agree with me? That's great! Maybe you should say what you think on your personal page.   + 11:47 AM

Spread the word!   + 12:51 AM


wednesday, november 8

on the air

I was just on the radio! David Lawrence from the Online Tonight radio show called me to discuss the design of the confusing Palm Beach ballots. During the course of our conversation, he asked me to redesign them so they're clearer. So with the phone in one hand and photoshop in the other, I cranked this out:

Not bad, eh? I think this one would have been much clearer.

I gotta admit, this talk radio thing is a whole lotta fun. I worked in mentions to Lance and Heather, as well as some of the Powazek Productions and the book. And by the end of the conversation, he was even pronouncing my name correctly.

Not bad for a few minutes on air.   + 8:49 PM

If this lawsuit proves anything, it's that user interface really does matter.   + 4:28 PM

riveted and horrified

So, it all comes down to Florida – a state full of old people who can't find the word "Gore" on a ballot, a state that can't seem to keep track of all their ballot boxes, a state where they're going to be recounting the votes for the next two days under the watchful eye of the state's governor, Jeb Bush, who happens to be candidate Bush's brother.

And what's worse, Gore has officially won the popular vote! But thanks to this anachronistic, idiotic Electoral College system, Bush could become president regardless of the people's choice.

I have never been so riveted and horrified by an election in my life. This is worse than sports, more addictive than crack, and more melodramatic than daytime teevee.

All I know is that I have never wanted Gore to win more than I do right now.

[Update: Jeb Bush just recused himself from the election committee. Seen on BBC Live in Quicktime. God bless the web.]   + 1:14 PM

Which four-letter word are you rooting for?   + 12:51 PM   comments

History repeats?   + 11:48 AM

If you're interested in the Ralph Nader campaign, even in purely scientific way, this commentary from the headquarters last night makes fascinating reading.   + 10:05 AM

At least the local news is good.   + 10:02 AM

It's like a bad dream that refuses to end.   + 9:46 AM

And here I am on a foggy San Francisco morning wondering which four-letter word is going to be my next president. Looks like it's going to be political malaise day here at Powazek HQ.   + 9:19 AM

Oh. Shit.   + 12:04 AM


tuesday, november 7

new in fray

I voted. Did you?   + 5:19 PM


sunday, november 5

in print

I just love the idea of my mom walking into a magazine store in the little town I grew up in and saying to the old man behind the counter, "Do you have the November issue of GQ Magazine? My son is in it."   + 1:25 PM

please excuse the geek joke

Use <div> instead of <table> for placement? Over my dead <body>.   + 10:52 AM

the book blog

I've started a little site just for my upcoming book. Check it out!   + 2:11 AM


saturday, november 4

my super powers

Daniel has extended me the supreme honor of becoming an action figure! I'm so excited. I can't wait to see my pixelized self.

There's just one problem. I have to decide on two Super Powers! (Check out Action Jezebel for a great example.) So I'm turning to you, faithful readers. Tell me, what are the Powazek super powers?   + 10:48 PM   comments

talked out

My "Design for Comminuty" talk yesterday was a ton of fun. Most everybody stayed all the way to the end, which is impressive because it was the last session of the last day of the conference. I even got a few good laughs, which is always a good sign. If you were there, thanks for coming! The lecture notes are available if you need a refresher (fair warning: they're probably pretty boring if you weren't there).   + 11:20 AM


friday, november 3


Years ago, back in my HotWired days, I found myself in a hallway, ranting at Jim about something. I have no idea what it was anymore, I just know I was young and passionate and pissed off at a decision the company had made. Jim watched me patiently as I unleashed a torrent of idealism. Then I told him I'd fired off an email to the people in charge to tell them what I thought.

Jim looked surprised. Impressed.

"You," he said, poking me. "You're a troublemaker."

And it must be true. Because now, years later, it says so right here on my card.   + 12:11 PM

today at 3:30!

Rusa Vuong from WebReview did a really nice write-up of my upcoming talk. Hope to see you at there this afternoon! (And if you can't make it, don't worry. You'll be able to buy the book in a few months. Ulp.)   + 9:32 AM


thursday, november 2

I live in a strange place, part one

My local drugstore has both the German GQ (with the woman in the bikini on the cover) and the Italian GQ (with the woman in the, uh, tasteful black and white nude on the cover), but not the American GQ (with the three goofy guys on the cover and, presumably, a story that quotes me inside, which is why I was looking in the first place, thank you very much). When I asked the woman at the counter about it, she looked at me as if I was crazy and spoke with a German accent. The woman who's usually there, the one with the Irish accent, must have been on holiday.   + 9:13 AM

busy busy busy

Just a friendly reminder. I'll be speaking at Web2000 tomorrow at 3:30pm. Hope to see you there!   + 12:14 AM

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