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I'm home in San Francisco, California where I belong.



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sunday, april, 30

San Francisco is one webgeek richer today.   + 11:33 AM


saturday, april, 29

It's heather's birthday! Wish her well.   + 10:11 AM


friday, april, 28

Sigh.   + 11:03 AM

For every person who opens like a flower to the possibilities of the web, there's someone else who sours like a pickle. A shame.   + 12:43 AM

Something to meditate on the next time you're stuck in line at the post office. [via sweet & sour]   + 12:03 AM


thursday, april, 27

So the Cool site of the Year Awards are tonight. Wow. I hope the emcee is better than last year.   + 7:37 PM

Now that is an about page!

Speaking of bullseyeart, I just discovered it and wildbrain. Funny stuff along the same lines as classics like joecartoon, atomfilms, and animation express. Why all the cartoon sites all of a sudden? The mind boggles (and the belly giggles).   + 7:05 PM

Lane Becker: writer, president, shit-stirrer.   + 6:46 PM

Left is the new right.
Puce is the new mauve.
Harangue is the new bother.   + 4:04 PM

It was bound to happen, I guess. I just hope the web is big enough for two Powazeks. That's right, my little sister finally has a homepage. I'm a proud older brother.   + 2:52 PM


wednesday, april, 26

The new design looks fab on a mac, Meg! (And speaking of redesigns, check out the new highindustrial. Awesome!)   + 11:58 AM


tuesday, april, 25

Niceness goes a long way with me.   + 3:39 PM

If only all CEOs were this honest.   + 1:45 PM

Hint: play with the bumper.   + 11:06 AM


monday, april, 24

I dig the new dink.   + 3:59 PM

Roger Black on the web:

    "There's hardly any good work on the Internet at all."
    "There isn't an Internet community anymore."
    "I don't think print and the Web are all that different."
    "I think the Internet is not a venue for storytelling."

Rog, baby. Listen. If the web is such a big, ugly, small-minded place, there are still plenty of stupid dead tree businesses that'll throw money at you to design the same old magazine with the same three colors you always use. If you can't see the beauty and possibilities of the web, go someplace else.

Does this piss you off, too?   + 1:41 PM


sunday, april, 23

"Never fear, it's Nurse Stimpy to the rescue!"   + 8:04 PM

Theres something really creepy about Jesus in claymation.   + 8:01 PM

Remember that funny url? You know, the one what's his name sent you? That was kinda gross, but funny? Remember? And the whole office talked about it? Remember that site? No? Well, Erwin does.   + 12:19 PM


saturday, april, 22

Irony is like so totally 1999.   + 8:18 PM

Remember when Earth Day meant something besides cheesy newscasts and self-congratulatory press releases?   + 11:40 AM


friday, april, 21

Agent Tootsie Pop has caught mister bastard in his new {fray} shirt! [ better, ladies? ;-) ]   + 9:02 PM

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the patron saints of weblogging, Waldorf & Statler:

    Why do we always come here?
    I'll tell you what I said:
    It's like some kind of torture
    to have to blog the web!

  + 4:17 PM

Cryptic posts are the mailman in my perfect blue.   + 2:49 PM

Taylor has been blowing me away all week over at captaincursor. Check it out. Definitely one for the bookmark list.   + 1:49 AM

Hey Christopher, congrats on moving beyond the tilde!   + 1:40 AM


thursday, april, 20

So I just got my invitation to the Webby Awards today and decided to go vote in the People's Voice section. Now, I think that the Webbys have their problems, but at least we've got the People's Voice section to have our say. So, please, go register and vote for your favorites. Make sure the little guy gets a fair shake. (And, fwiw, {fray} is a write-in candidate in the arts category. I don't know who started it - I didn't - but I'm happy it's there. All you have to do is write in "fray.com" at the bottom of the form. Spread the word!)   + 2:11 PM

Happiness is a new release from Elliott Smith. I've only listened to it once, but so far I like it. He seems to be continuing in the Beatles-esque groove he found on Xo, with a little more variety in the mix of songs. For more on Elliott Smith, check out one of his fan sites.   + 1:37 PM

All of the above.   + 1:26 PM


wednesday, april, 19

I'm a criminal. I admit it.   + 2:14 PM

Happy birthday, Caz!   + 10:54 AM


tuesday, april, 18

Bwa ha ha.   + 10:20 AM

Screw the camera – I just hope these are out by May.   + 10:19 AM

Come to me.   + 12:31 AM


monday, april, 17

My inbox today:
mesg 1 - C:\CoolProgs\Pretty Park.exe
mesg 2 - Don't open my last email!
mesg 3 - C:\CoolProgs\Pretty Park.exe
mesg 4 - Warning: open nothing from me!
mesg 5 - C:\CoolProgs\Pretty Park.exe
mesg 6 - My last email contains a virus!
Sometimes I love having a mac.   + 7:05 PM

Have I mentioned that my birthday is next month? Drool.   + 1:25 PM

The more I surfed new weblogs, the more annoyed I got at the lack of "about me" pages on the sites. I mean, I love to see what you think is important in life and on the web. But knowing a little bit about you would help me humanize the experience – to know what I can expect from your site. Makes sense, right? Then, of course, I realized that I didn't have one, either. So I sat down to make one and quickly realized why there aren't more of them out there – it's hard as hell to sum up your life and interests on one page. Anyway, it's a start. Where's yours?   + 2:49 AM


sunday, april, 16

Sunday night tv surfing: Gosh, it's raining click men who want to be women click the somebodys beat the somebodyelses click the stock market takes a dive click really wet out there click jesus came to me and said click rain all day tomorrow and click!

Maybe I'll see what's on the web instead....   + 11:17 PM

"Oy! Explosion? Celebrity? Overnight? Are you sure you sent me the right questions?"   + 8:13 PM

Ew! Stop it! Eeeeew!   + 4:51 PM

What a cool way to show associations between links.   + 1:13 AM


saturday, april, 15

In honor of the April 15 tax deadline, I present to you the top five freelancer financial mantras:

    5. Don't make me recalculate my estimate.

    4. Why not? It's deductible!

    3. If you ever want to see your photoshop files again, I suggest you pay your invoice.

    2. Next year I'll save all my receipts, I promise.

    And the number one freelancer financial mantra:

    1. Where's my check?

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.   + 3:23 PM


friday, april, 14

Mmmn. I love new shoe smell.   + 7:22 PM

It's been a while since the design of a site has made me say "woo" out loud, but ... woo! [thanks, ev]   + 6:35 PM

The giant, heaving secret that is deep leap has finally been revealed! I was an alpha tester for this, so it's a pleasure to see it go beta. Prepare to change the way you use the web.   + 12:55 PM

Just to prove that megacorporations do, indeed, have a sense of humor, giant food conglomerate Unilever bought both Ben & Jerry's and Slim Fast on the same day. Does anyone else see the irony here? [thanks for the tip, Jon]   + 12:02 AM


thursday, april, 13

Clear your cache, baby! I made some tweaks to the template here at powazek.com to spice things up a bit. (Hint: If you don't see anything different, try reloading.)   + 9:24 PM

It's interesting to me how the web can act as a lightning rod for experiences that match your disposition. A positive person creates positive experiences. A negative person gets negative ones. Cosmic justice, I guess. So long are you remember that there's a difference between a personal page ... and a person.
[4.13.00: Update - the negative rant I was referring to has been taken down and replaced with an impassioned swan song.]   + 2:43 PM

Mysteries of the universe, part 7:
Why do cats fight like hell to stay out of the cat carrier, whine incessantly when they're in it, and then get to the vet and want nothing more than to stay in the damn thing? And isn't the cry a cat makes in a cat carrier just the saddest sound in the universe? And, uh, what is it about Blogger that turns people into Andy Rooney?   + 2:36 PM


wednesday, april, 12

Happiness is a brand new, ultra quiet, totally empty, 9 gig drive. Wooo!   + 5:47 PM

So I woke up this morning to a wasp buzzing around the window by my bed. You know that frustrated bzz bzz they make then they want out. Creepy. The last thing I wanted to do this morning was deal with a pissed off stinging insect that materialized overnight. I fear it's an omen, but of what?   + 11:21 AM

One last thought before I hit the sack. It's a zen-ish saying I picked up somewhere:

"If I offer you a gift, and you refuse it, who has the gift?"

(Remember, love is a gift.)

Nighty night.   + 2:58 AM

I love the fact that the only thing in English on this page is: "I don't know www.fray.com."   + 2:54 AM

Go ahead and try to find a cd - any cd - on the cdnow homepage. Sheesh. Why is it that big ecommerce players always water down their design (and brand) until you can't even tell what they sell anymore?   + 1:55 AM

A thought from earlier today: Cars make people extremely stupid.   + 1:50 AM

"I will now sell five copies of Three EPs by the Beta Band."
(Hint: it's a movie reference.)   + 1:47 AM

New in sfstories: How I found my way to Casa Carmelita.   + 12:04 AM


tuesday, april, 11

I miss you.   + 4:15 PM

Never say never, baby.   + 12:54 PM

Exhibit A, created 1998.
Exhibit B, created 2000.
Why do people think this is okay? This is not okay. If you work with images on the web, you should know the rules. Grr.
[4.12.00: Update - the offending site has been taken down for retooling with a very sweet note from the owner.]   + 11:44 AM

Jeremy Keith from Germany writes:

    All the cars here have number plates that start with "FR" so it was only a matter of time before I found one that said "FRAY". The picture quality isn't great but maybe you'll have some fun playing around with them. A gift from me to you. (if you know anyone named "FRED", I could probably do them a favour, too).

Very cool, Jeremy! Thanks!

(Oh, and for all you Californians, don't get any bright ideas. I locked up that one long ago. How could I resist - it's seven letters!)   + 10:50 AM


monday, april, 10

The posts to Lance's story are just too funny. That we could all be so stupid as kids somehow gives me hope for the future.   + 11:55 PM

Life in the 00s:
Me: Did I tell you? I finally got a new wallet!
Dad: I know. I read your webpage....   + 11:39 PM


saturday, april, 8

New in {fray}: Lance Arthur's stupid childhood. (Written and designed by the dog, himself!)   + 6:19 PM

Happiness is finding strawberry leaves in the bathtub drain.   + 11:05 AM


thursday, april, 6

Not one but two, yes two, rows of tabs! Blech.   + 5:07 PM

Dirty design secrets, dishing on former employers, and internet flag-waving? Must be another interview with, well, me.   + 4:31 PM

A flash of memory: driving in florida.   + 4:15 PM


wednesday, april, 5

I'm finally a real human again! I now have replacement credit cards, a brand spankin new license, and a groovy black wallet. (Side rant: why is it so hard to find cool wallets that don't look like that giant shoe-leather thing in your dad's pocket? Grrr.) It was strange living a few weeks without a wallet. I kinda felt like a non-person, but it was also vaguely relaxing....   + 10:20 PM

I don't trust people who don't like chocolate.   + 10:10 PM

Sometimes life is such a series of synchronicities. Walking with Heather today on Market Street, we looked up and saw a newspaper with a giant headline: Blog Blog Blog. I grabbed it and there, on the cover, was a post she'd made to Weblog Nation weeks ago. Weird weird weird.   + 8:21 PM

Sometimes real life really gets in the way of blogging. (Thank God.)   + 11:24 AM


tuesday, april, 4

Dear Elian, we're sorry.   + 10:54 AM

Another one of my favorite old sites gets reborn with Blogger.   + 10:40 AM


monday, april, 3

Don is back in the groove. Right on.   + 2:51 PM


sunday, april, 2

You have no idea how good it is to be home. No, really. You don't.   + 11:23 PM

"I'm gonna see the folks I dig, I'll even kiss a sunset pig. California, I'm coming home." You know the song.   + 8:24 AM

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