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almost there

Seems like many aspects of my life are just about to bloom right now. The book is a flower bud, full of promise, not quite ready yet. Fred the corn plant is about to flower, his stalk growing at an alarming rate (click "more" below for a photo). And the new apartment upstairs is almost ready for us. Almost.


fred in bloom


{ 1:28pm }



» Wow, that's unbelievable. In one week I've seen my bulb shoot up to about a foot and a half. (I wish I'd taken pictures)

Sounds like lots of things are going well right now. Spring is coming! Enjoy!

steve  { 3.26.01 @ 8:52pm }

» hooray for fred! He's looking good there, as a good spring plant should be.

And heaps of congratulations on the new apartment. It sounds like a step in a great direction. ;)

.anathea.  { 3.26.01 @ 9:45pm }

» Outstanding! May I ask, what did you use to take that pic? It looks fantastic, very rich color!

Tom  { 3.28.01 @ 5:46pm }

» I never even knew corn plants got flowers on them. ( I guess you can see I'm not from "the heartland", eh?)

I always felt this same feeling when my Tazetta narcissus would get ready to flower. Those are the bulbs that you can put into a bowl with just gravel and water and they'll just go to town as if they were planted in soil. Very pretty things, like daffodils made of rice paper.

Alas, with our cats around, we can't really grow these here. I've been wondering about the "hows" of setting up some sort of window box garden, because my enormous childhood flowering backyard (which I did all the planting and maintenance of) was the one and only thing about the suburbs I still miss even now.

Demi Monde  { 3.29.01 @ 9:38am }

» i wonder -- is fred actually a corn plant? i've grown corn before, and never seen them do that... derek, did you ever find out exactly what fred is? he's beautiful!

adam  { 3.29.01 @ 12:01pm }


Fred is actually a Dracaena, also known as a "corn plant."

...pssst.. and if you would like to get your own Fred... I knows where I can get 'em cheap.

KJB  { 4.1.01 @ 3:43pm }

» Oh where can you get 'em cheap dahling? They look so cute! I want one. I already have a name picked out! ;-)

Sarah  { 4.5.01 @ 9:57am }


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