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fred flower update

Fred the corn plant is still on his way to flowering. I hope all the chaos and dust associated with the move hasn't thrown him off balance. Here's a peek at what he looks like today.


fred strikes again

As reported by faithful reader Kevin-John, Fred is actually a Dracaena Fragrans. According to, flowering corn plants produce a "sweet fragrance that is noticeable for hundreds of feet." I'm hoping his bloom coincides with the completion of all the scraping, plastering, and painting going on in the apartment right now. I'm dying to unpack these boxes, and I know Fred is dying for the sweet spot in the bay windows up front.

Ever forward!

{ 4:48pm }



» well... I may be the big mouth that sent the post identifying Fred...

...but I gotta give credit.. where credit is due. My partner, Bonnie Bollengier, was the owner of the keen eye that identified Fred. I just did a search and found a good shot of Fred's cousins. Ok..I'm not a plant geek (ask Bonnie about Plant Geek fashion) but did you know that you can identify plants and narrow down the possible suspects by leaf and flower formations? I learn somptin new everyday.


Kevin-John  { 4.7.01 @ 7:51am }

» Hundreds of feet? That's almost disturbing - I hope it doesn't end up being too much of a good thing.

mally  { 4.8.01 @ 12:30pm }


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