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I just posted a small evolution of the design of this here personal log. The idea is to be able to group all the posts from one day together. Everything look okay in all those browsers out there?


(And, yes, this is an avoidance technique. A pretty good one, too! Boxes? What boxes?)

{ 3:24am }



» Looks fine in Mac IE 5. Nice aesthetics, by the way. So when do the new coffee cups come out?

Geoffrey  { 4.15.01 @ 5:54am }

» Yep, looks fine in Explorer 5 and Netscape 6 on Windows 98.

Tom Cosgrave  { 4.15.01 @ 7:40am }

» looks good. visually divides posts nicely. looks easier.

Steven Garrity  { 4.15.01 @ 1:07pm }

» looks good on my end. win 2k, ie 5.0, 5.5 and ns 6.0

mays  { 4.15.01 @ 3:27pm }

» yeah, looks fine in IE 5.5. I like the way it's all divided. pretty cool.

Amber  { 4.15.01 @ 7:57pm }

» oooh, purdy in ie6 beta on w2k.

dan  { 4.16.01 @ 12:52am }

» Beautimous darlin'.

– abrella  { 4.16.01 @ 8:21am }

» Very, very nice work Derek. If only I had the same skill in working with Greymatter...

Mike  { 4.16.01 @ 8:46am }

» Quite groovy! And Mike, I second that -- I could use some of that Greymatter skill myself... :)

metrocake  { 4.16.01 @ 8:56am }

» Manages nicely even in n4.08 in NT and via lynx. Nicely indeed in lynx.

– kristina  { 4.16.01 @ 9:33am }

» looks good on the Mac netscape 4.7.
I can't quite dig that serif font though, Times? hard to read. I know you hate Verdana but you cant beat it for legibility..
rock on!

– Susanne  { 4.16.01 @ 10:43am }

» Thanks for the QA, everyone!

Mike + Metro - I know what you mean about Greymatter. I'm loathe to complain about such a wonderful tool by a wonderful guy - especially one that's so advanced (and free to boot!). But I have to say, it was a bitch getting it to do what I wanted it to do here. Specifically, since I'm putting the dates in a table cell to the left, I needed to open a table, then list all that day's entries, then close the table. And while there is a date header template (I believe it's called "Date Grouping Technique"), there's no date footer template. So I had to so some tricky stuff to make this all work. It's still not perfect, but by 3am I was willing to stop at good enough.

All that said, once it's set up, Greymatter makes life so much easier.

And Susanne - you'll only see Times if you don't have Palatino or Georgia on your system. What can I say, I like serifs.

Derek Powazek  { 4.16.01 @ 12:09pm }

» Oh no! Another week of: "Who am I trying to fake? I'll never be that good"! Derek, would you please stop playing havoc with people's self-esteem, putting their future as web geeks at stake and causing chronic depression? There's someone who's trying to reach your skill level here! ;-)

stefano j attardi  { 4.16.01 @ 6:55pm }

» Ohhhhh... this is very similar to what I have been trying to do! However I was trying to place mine in individual tables. So how did you do it exactly? Please tell!

Fantastic layout btw!

Catherine  { 4.17.01 @ 9:46am }


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