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tick tock

I just realized that, one month from today, I'll be 28.

Twenty. Eight.


I think that officially counts as My Late Twenties.

I think that officially counts as Almost Thirty.

I think that officially counts as Grown Up.

I think I have a lot of living to do in the next thirty days.

How old are you?

{ 3:19pm }



» I'm 23.

I need to some more living.
I need to travel more. San Francisco was good last year, and I'd to go back and see some more of it, and of California.

I need a more stimulating job - the one I'm in is getting me down...and it shouldn't be doing that when I'm 23 - should it?

Tom Cosgrave  { 4.16.01 @ 3:41pm }

» I'm 32 or, as Roxy Hart says, "...older than I ever intended to be." And, to borrow a line from another musical comedy, I believe if I refuse to grow old, I can stay young 'til I die.

Don't rush...savor. Whatever time there is in a life is a lifetime. Don't try to pack too much into the next month; save some living for the month after that and the month after that.

TheBrad  { 4.16.01 @ 4:29pm }

» 33 — I can remember thinking about the year 2000 as a kid and calculating how old I would be then. 33 seemed ancient at the time, but time has slipped by and I have to confess it doesn't seem that old now. But then, I guess it never does once you're there. Take it from someone on the other side of that youthful dividing line, though — you never have to grow up, as long as you make time to play. I'm relearning that more and more these days.

Carol  { 4.16.01 @ 5:32pm }

» I'm 23. I've shoved an awful lot of things into the 23 years that I've had. However, I can't even begin to fathom the things that I have yet to learn.

Someone asked me once, if wisdom were a tree, what size tree would I be?

I figure I'm a pretty darned little tree. A sapling, really. :) And as far as I can tell, I'll likely always be a pretty little tree. There's so much out there to learn, and so much living to do, that I can't imagine how much it would take to become even a sufficent sized tree.

All the acomplishment and wisdom of age comes in the form of contentment. When you're content with what your heart's become, that's when the wisdom pours in. So, stuff these next thirty days absolutely full! Grow new leaves! ;)

And hey, 28 isn't so very bad. And it's only one more year until you don't have to tell anyone anymore. O;)

anathea  { 4.16.01 @ 6:03pm }

» I'm nineteen. I'll turn twenty this year, and then I'll be living inside my third decade. but I'm glad to know I can get as far as twenty eight without having to be a grown up... I can't remember when birthdays started making me feel like there was not enough left to my life, but I do remember being five years old and wanting to never grow up.

you can grow a lot in thirty days without really growing old at all.

rabi  { 4.16.01 @ 6:26pm }

» Oh.. man. I'm 38...

....I once thought it would be great to have a kid when I was when I was 40 I could relate to her/him. Hmmm... I think that's possible... but it seems I forgot to do something.

Kevin-John  { 4.16.01 @ 7:04pm }

» They say I'm 18. I was 17 the other day: I haven't changed since. But today I have the right to vote, I own a credit card, I can drive a car, I am responsible for my actions. Turning 18 means lots of changes. I haven't changed. For the first time, I refuse to admit one more birthday has passed. I'm still 17.

stefano j attardi  { 4.16.01 @ 7:17pm }

» I'll be 33 in under a month. <:o How'd *that* happen -- in my head, I'm 22!

roe  { 4.16.01 @ 7:36pm }

» 26. And profoundly resenting your notion that I only have two more years I can still be a kid... *runs and hides behind my teddy bear*

Can't you push the grow-up point back a few more years, please? =)

Noah  { 4.16.01 @ 7:39pm }

» I'm 19. I started university when I was 17. So turning 18 was this big milestone, because while I was still a year younger than my friends, I could now legally vote, get memberships at video stores, watch R rated movies (not that I didn't before), get a credit card etc. However in Canada you can't legally drink till you're 19 (this isn't completely enforced thankfully : ) so I didn't feel quite like an adult till I reached this point. 18 just didn't feel like a fully featured age. I still felt 17.

At 19, I actually feel 19. I guess all I can't do is rent a car, but there's ways around it if really needed.

I have no idea what lies in store @ 20.

jeremy  { 4.16.01 @ 9:27pm }

» 23. I refuse to grow up. Cartoons are still entertaining, I still don't believe you fall off the cliff until you look down.

owillis  { 4.17.01 @ 12:28am }

» I'm 20, young, carefree and happy! I have the best mate in the world, my sis Sally, and a lovely man named Ken who knows how to make me smile and can always cheer me up even when sad. I have a job, it's going great and I laugh so much that I think it could actually be bad for my health! ;-)

Plus I am going to the Buster Keaton festival in September of this year. What more could a girl ask for? *makes a list* There is more but I'll leave it at this for now. ;-)

Miss Speak 'n Spell ;-)  { 4.17.01 @ 12:43am }

» I'm nineteen. heeey I forgot, you share my exact bday! may 16 is my bday too. and I even posted the one month till my bday notice on my weblog! whooa!

I'll only be turning twenty though. I want a pen cam...yes, yes I do. I'm gonna badger my dad into getting me that this year instead of the hideous clock he got me last year.

Amber  { 4.17.01 @ 2:35am }

» I'm 19. And finally combatting depression thanks to my gear fab sis Sarah and the wonderful friendship she has given me ;-)

And I can't neglect to mention that my corn grows green, in Kaaaaaaaaansas! Cos they ain't picking it ;-)

– gookiegirl ;-)  { 4.17.01 @ 3:07am }

» 29. And beginning to come to terms with what that means. And trying to work out if I'm bothered about my next birthday or not. I guess that the 30th birthday thing is about feeling that you've achieved something with your life; I have and so I have no qualms about that hurdle.

Being three years off the same age as my father was when I was born is another thing entirely ...

Mark  { 4.17.01 @ 4:24am }

» The big 24.

I started thinking about my age when my boyfriend asked me to marry him on Christmas Eve. "I'm a grown up", I thought, "and in a year we'll make our vows to love each other for life, wow."

I like being 24, it's been a good number for me this year!

– Del  { 4.17.01 @ 7:09am }

» I'm 31, which is to say that I've been 21 for 10 years now. I'm significantly younger than just about every person I went to high school with and I'm older than a lot of the 40-somethings I work with. For me, living didn't really start until I was 29 and my son was born. You don't realize how little you actually do until you have to account for every minute of every day, taking advantage of every second with my boy and also taking advantage of every second away from him. Age and birthdays suddenly lose any importance.

– Jason  { 4.17.01 @ 7:29am }

» 27 - You never really realize that you're grown up until you have to wake up every morning to go to work, plan a wedding and buy your first house. Home ownership - yikes! I wish I was still 9 and all I has to do was watch Saturday morning cartoons! :-)

– derek b  { 4.17.01 @ 7:33am }

» In two days time I'll be 38. When my mother turned 39 she said to me: ... When people ask what age I am? Just say I'm 38.

So I guess it's all downhill from 38.

prol  { 4.17.01 @ 8:31am }

» 23. almost 24. and i feel EXACTLY like Tom. I wake up and before I'm out the door I'm down about work. I'm feeling I should be doing so much more, but there is no such thing as climbing the corporate ladder anymore. People jump corporate ladders. The only way to move up is to move sideways. Do we all share some fear that whatever we've done is never enough? That there's always the next step and if we don't take it we've failed in some way? Is this type A personlaity on crack? Or what the new american dream has been twisted into?

I'll stop before I get going ;)

john athayde  { 4.17.01 @ 8:56am }

» 32 here. I think turning 30, or "the big 3-0" was the biggest suprise. It just creeps up on you and before you know it, POW! I still feel (and act) like a kid though. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing? I do know that I NEVER want to "grow up".

Brad  { 4.17.01 @ 10:09am }

» i'm nineteen. i turn twenty in september and am sufficiently terrified. twenty. twwwwwwennnnnty. two complete decades gone. vanished. no longer a teenager, not quite an adult.

amanda  { 4.17.01 @ 11:17am }

» Heh. It's not so bad. In fact, it's not bad at all.

I'm going to be 36 in a few months and I'm kind of excited about it. I think it's more interesting than 35 because it's divisible so many ways and thus calls to mind other ages (who was I at 12? who was I at 24?).

For me, 0-6 years old were about discovering my immediate world. 6-12 about imagining and learning how to learn. 12-18 about identifying myself as unique and distinct from the rest of the world. 18-24 about encountering differences and learning that unique is not the same as better. 24-30 about trying different kinds of work and self-expression and finding out what works for me. 30-36 have been about discovering who I am when dreams don't work out, relationships end and things don't go according to plan; about finding out what truly matters to me and who I truly want to be. So, 36-42 (42! The answer to Life, the Universe & Everything) seem to promising to be about manifesting these discoveries into a life that makes me truly fulfilled. Ah and on beyond 42? Well, if my mum ( is any example, the fifties will be about working on satisfying projects, reading good books, hanging out with friends, eating good food and travelling. Sounds like a good deal to me!

My grandmother just celebrated her 85th birthday. If you tried to tell her that her life was over 55 years ago she'd look at you like you were nuts and go back to enjoying her birthday peach pie and planning her upcoming trip to visit friends & family in her old home town.

Dinah  { 4.17.01 @ 1:32pm }

» In 8 months I'll be 30. I'm not really dreading it too much, it's funny how different my life is from how I imagined it would be. I thought I'd have kids and be married and stuff by now. But it's ok that my life is different. The only thing that's weird is the age: 30! That seems so old and I feel so young.

meg  { 4.17.01 @ 2:32pm }

» I'm 21. I feel alternately much older or much younger. I've done a heck of a lot for a 21 year old, but at the same time I still remember 15 and feel like I'm essentially the same person. There's still a lot to see and do though. Hopefully there will be many years ahead for that.

Dave  { 4.17.01 @ 3:29pm }

» Kids, kids I say..!
I am turning 47 next week and dammit I still want to have fun, travel, be madly in love, discover things... The most surprising thing is how you get older and you don't change all that much, except there is so much more you remember, more people you have known, places seen, careers come and gone. There is a sense of time not being in endless supply.
I always thought I would be married and have children, but that hasn't happened and now I wonder if it ever will.
I wish I was 35 again...

– susanne  { 4.17.01 @ 5:22pm }

» i'm 26 for a few more months. as a kid, i was sure i'd have kids of my own by this point. now, I feel too young and too unprepared to do that. i also feel like there are a million more things i want to have done and accomplished by then. i guess the more reason to make sure each day is lived to its fullest. i wouldn't mind being in my twenties for a another six or seven years, tho.

karenika  { 4.17.01 @ 7:51pm }

» Seventeen - the luxury of youth. It's sort of strange to work as an intern slaveboy and get in conversations like this: "hey, I saw Aerosmith back in '83," to which I respond "I was born in '83."

– jed  { 4.17.01 @ 8:03pm }

» Oh Derek, you Taurus you... If we were born in the same year, I'd be eight days older than you! :)

Alyssa  { 4.17.01 @ 9:13pm }

» 24, years behind and with years to catch up on (yeah, after graduating college I realized that I wanted to do a different major and get a phd in it, so it'll be a few while I try to position myself for the switch), and trying hard not to believe the axiom that women are like Christmas cakes: no one wants them after the 25th. To that end, I'm eating a candy cane right now.

– kristina  { 4.18.01 @ 7:38am }

» I turn 24 on the 10th. (yay Taurus)

I'm in the process of buying a house, and while talking about it with friends from high school who have just done the same thing we realized how sick it is that we're _excited_ about learning about plumbing so we can fix our taps ourselves.

cCranium  { 4.18.01 @ 8:18am }

» in that last annoying six months before I turn 21. and when you're a college student in the middle of nowhere (indiana), that is the crucial age, isn't it?

– kerupp  { 4.18.01 @ 9:46am }

» As a friend of mine said to me when I turned 30 a year and a half ago: "You're a teenager until you're 36..."

– Harley  { 4.18.01 @ 11:14am }

» I'll be turning eighteen next month. It's rather exciting. Three days after I turn 18, I'll graduate from high school. Three months after I turn 18, I'll leave my small Southern hometown to start college in New York City. I hope the future seems as intense when I am turning 28.

Katharine  { 4.18.01 @ 2:33pm }

» Oh get over yourself, you big queen. I'm 28 now and 29 in three months. And my life is SO much crapper than yours. And do you hear me complaining? And going on about it? Well, frankly, yes. But that's not the point. Young whippersnappers with their 'careers' and 'partners'. It's enough to make me violently jealous.

Tom Coates  { 4.18.01 @ 3:09pm }

» Thirty is great. This has been the best year of my life, and it's only April. True, I just got laid off from my dot-bomb job, I've let my own website go to rot-and-ruin, and my plumbing's all shot to hell.

But still I give thanks. This has been an awesome year. And thirty-one will probably be better.

ratbastard  { 4.19.01 @ 7:03am }

» 23. Outside of my job, which depresses me as all get out and discourages me from doing anything creative, this has been a fantastic year. But I'm not yet enjoying things. This'll change with a new job. Really.

Paul  { 4.19.01 @ 10:24am }

» I am 300. Which means, of course, that I am 21. Which means, of course that you, Derek, are very old.

Stephen  { 4.19.01 @ 12:40pm }

» i'm thirty going on thirty-one. 30 didnt bother me one ounce, but i'm a bit nervous for what july 27th holds...heh. but apparently i'm not showing my age yet seeing as how for the second time in 12 months i got carded for a LOTTO TICKET the other day. hahah.

kiehl  { 4.19.01 @ 4:04pm }

» It's true what Stephen says: You *are* very old. But not to worry, I was 28 once and know that one good thing about is it's likely you'll feel young again by the time you're 30. People think of 30 as over-the-hill; it won't feel like it at all once you're there. It'll feel like top-of-the-world. Um, I suppose I can't guarantee that.

I just turned 36. I take heart knowing that it's all relative and that the older I get, the more likely I'll be able to tell people, "I've been a teenager since before you were born..."

I wish I'd made that one up, but I didn't because I'm just another older guy who quotes pop songs.

Hope the next thirty days are productive for you Derek!

Richard  { 4.20.01 @ 9:22am }

» We were driving through the campus of her alma mater and she was reminiscing about the good times and the bad. The horrible food, the late nights, sneaking off to find a dark corner to make out in, playing gin with friends, her first year of college. Ten years ago! That was all ten years ago and it still seems, to her, like just yesterday. "Ten years ago you were thirteen", she suddenly realizes, "Thirteen! Oh my word, you weren't even legal."

"You were barely legal." I remind her. She's twenty-eight now and she thinks about things like that often. When we began dating she asked if the five year age difference would bother me. I laughed. Every girl I have dated seriously has been three years older than me, what difference could another two years make? Most of the time it doesn't make a difference to her either. Only when she thinks about the fact that she's twenty-eight going on twenty-nine in August. "Almost thirty." she says. "As old as you think you are." I reply.

Shmuel Mikel  { 4.20.01 @ 1:36pm }


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