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In Autumn of 1961, Yoko Ono created a score called "Voice piece for soprano." It was:

      1. against the wind
      2. against the wall
      3. against the sky


In March of 2001, in collaboration with Walker Art Center, she asked the world to respond. All you have to do is call +1 612 375 7558, listen to Yoko's introduction, and respond. Taped responses become part of the piece. And, of course, you can hear what's been contributed so far on the web.

I love this because it takes the notion of web-enabled community posting and turns it on its head. It's the same kind of thing Press nothing to continue did - take the post/view interaction offline - only in reverse.

I'd love to do a storytelling project like this someday, so that we could finally put voices to all those stories in the fray....

{ 4:43pm }



» Kind of reminds me of They Might Be Giants' Dial-a-Song service too. It would be cool to have it go both ways — you'd call in, and you could either leave a story (with, say, a 2-minute limit), or you could listen to the next random story in the queue. Could make a great audio-verité "This American Life"-type CD someday, if it took off.

Carol  { 4.19.01 @ 4:52pm }

» Would like to take part - but alas, this is for Merkins only, it would seem.

This was the same for Press Nothing to Continue, which is another thing I'd like to have done...


Tom Cosgrave  { 4.20.01 @ 2:32am }

» Tom - Why would this be for Americans only? It's just a phone number, right? All you need to do is dial the US prefix (isn't it 01?). Right?

Derek  { 4.20.01 @ 4:39pm }

» Weelll.....I guess....but the phone charges from this country are rather prohibitive....shame it can't be a freephone number of some sort, or have a way of contributing your scream over the web...

Or maybe I'm just a miserly person who won't spend money on a phonecall?

Tom Cosgrave  { 4.20.01 @ 7:31pm }

» Miserly it is!

– Lulu  { 4.20.01 @ 9:21pm }

» This reminds me of a project I ran briefly with Christine Castro called He Said, She Said. We used one of the many free voice mail -> web services that were proliferating at the time to collect responses to a question on our website. The result was a collection of MP3's that were then posted to the site. It was pretty cool to hear people read (or make up on the spot) their responses. We also allowed people from outside of the US to participate (for free) if they had a little bit of tech savvy: just record the MP3 your self and send it our way. Unfortunately most all of the MP3's that resulted from this project were lost due to ISP ignorance. Anyhow, just some thoughts.

Shmuel Mikel  { 4.21.01 @ 1:34pm }


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