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fred bloomed

For those of you following the Fred saga, here are a few photos of him in full bloom.


one bigass jpeg with many photos in it

{ 4:39pm }



» What can I say, Derek?

Tom Cosgrave  { 4.22.01 @ 5:11pm }

» oooo.

Tom  { 4.22.01 @ 8:56pm }

» it may be exquisite but can you determine its pistils, stamen - do you know where its carpels are, whether it is a monocot or a dicot, how many sepals it has, whether it is male or female or not displaying either. Did you know its corolla is within its calex?

Or are you just ooh-ing and aah-ing over a pretty pink thing, withoutn truly understanding the magic and complexity that goes into creating its life?

– flower power  { 4.22.01 @ 10:02pm }

» Do you have to know how paint is made to enjoy a van Gogh? Do you have to understand the physics of the internal combustion engine to ooh and aah at an Audi TT? I don't think so.

Still, if you know so much about the Dracaena Fragrans, Mister Power, maybe you could educate us! We're listening....

dmp  { 4.22.01 @ 10:29pm }

» Looking at Fred bloom over the weeks, has me wondering if such a plant would look as lovely in my own flat. :-)

Rachel  { 4.23.01 @ 4:30am }

» Watching Fred bloom has been a continually rewarding little nugget of checking your site every day, Derek. He's starting to look pretty outrageous, and I couldn't help but openly 'ooh & ahh' a little more. ;)

anathea  { 4.23.01 @ 12:44pm }


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