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vengeful television gods

So yesterday I declare that I will be turning off my tv for a week. Then today I get this in the mail.

"Just wanted to give you a heads-up that Tiffany Shlain *might* be mentioning Fray.Com on Good Morning America at 8:30am tomorrow, Tuesday April 24th, as part of her Internet Segment. Tune in to ABC to catch the story."

I have obviously angered the tv gods.


If there's anyone out there in webland who's not taking part in tv turn off week and happens to catch this on the tube, please come back and tell us about what happened. Thanks!

{ 6:09pm }



» I'll throw a tape in the VCR for you. Is that 8:30am ET?

Leia  { 4.23.01 @ 8:14pm }

» i added it to my tivo list. if you don't get it from someone else, let me know and i'll dump it to the vcr for you. leia, my tivo says it's at 7am-9am EST, so assume the message above means the fray part will be on at 8:30EST.

karenika  { 4.23.01 @ 9:14pm }

» hello again. it's 8:50AM EST and fray's being mentioned right now. it's nominated for this year's webby awards in the community category. the other nominees are:,,, and tiffany showed webshots of chickclick and craigslist but not fray. and that was it :) she didn't say anything about the others. congrats derek and, as far as TV goes, you didn't miss much.

karenika  { 4.24.01 @ 6:02am }

» Even so, it's 8:44 my time, and I am going to go see if I can catch this little snippet! Hooray for Fray! Whee!! :)

anathea  { 4.24.01 @ 8:54am }

» Holy shit!

dmp  { 4.24.01 @ 12:01pm }

» Also: Chris from kuro5hin (also nominated) has posted an an mp3 of the announcement. Yowza.

dmp  { 4.24.01 @ 2:29pm }

» I managed to catch it just as it was coming on this morning.

I'm gloriously happy for you, Derek. You, The Fray, and all of it's contributors seriously deserve it!

anathea  { 4.24.01 @ 2:37pm }

» Holy shit is right! How wonderful! Not undeserved, though. You really inspire people and you do create the sense of community for which you strive. Things you say and write resonate within so many! Thanks for everything you do!

– Penny  { 4.24.01 @ 2:54pm }

» Congratulations, Derek.

lia  { 4.24.01 @ 11:59pm }

» Congratulations and good luck!

Stef Noble  { 4.25.01 @ 5:22am }

» Mazel Tov!! I forgot to tape it; I could kick myself! I did listen to the recording. It is so cool!

– Momma  { 4.25.01 @ 7:09pm }


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