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"He came to town with a guitar, lightning quick wit, and hair down around his shoulders."

Mary T. Helmes is real.


Some trivia about this particular {fray} story....

  • Mary first submitted it in 1998. I liked it and sent her some editorial suggestions. Three years later, she resubmits it. And now here it is. How many other sites can brag about a three year editorial cycle?
  • I took the blurry light photos from the passenger seat of Heather's car as we drove home on Highway 101 South last weekend. I was just amusing myself to stay awake, actually. I had no idea they'd come in so handy.
  • This is the first new {fray} story in two and a half months. I've had to cut back on a lot to concentrate on the book, and Fray Cafe took a lot of energy to create, too. Still, I hate to let so much time pass in between updates. Sorry about that.

And now, it's time for bed.

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» fray photos = wow.

kylie gusset  { 4.25.01 @ 5:28pm }


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Counting Flags by Kevin Smokler.
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