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It's finally May.

May is the month of my birthday, the month San Francisco sheds its fog and starts acting like summer. This year May is the month I will finish my book (I will. I must.), the month I'll get on a plane and meet my father in the land from which his parents fled.

It will also be the month Heather and I finally unpack. Probably.


What are your plans for May?

{ 11:18am }



» I'll have to both pack AND unpack as I find a new apartment in a different city. Yikes! I graduate "officially" on the 12th and I also have to find a job sometime in the near future.

But in the midst of all that I just want to relax a bit and enjoy the weather and outdoors with the knowledge that I have no clue what I'm doing next for the first time.

Stef Noble  { 5.1.01 @ 1:14pm }

» Well, I'm hoping they don't include driving back to central New York because I'm too poor to live here.

I'm hoping that they do include finding a new job, keeping a steady stream of side projects coming in, and getting out and meeting some people ou there other than my roommates. Going to the ocean a few times is high on the list of priorities, as is going back to Cornell to walk in the university commencement.

Actually, to stay with the unpacking theme, I need to unpack too... all my stuff except my clothes is still back in NY, waiting to be shipped out here. I've been living in an empty room for 3 months now...

Dave  { 5.1.01 @ 1:20pm }

» I think "finding" a job would be a good thing. The three month vacation is getting verrrrry old.

Kevin-John  { 5.1.01 @ 3:58pm }

» Redesign. Slog through big project at work. Mini-vacation this weekend! After that, who knows...I've been up here for 6 months almost and still haven't completely unpacked, so I wish you luck.

Oh...and maybe finally put together the site for The Closet from Fray Day 4, she said with much chagrin.

Carol  { 5.1.01 @ 6:02pm }

» may is when i get to go home and see my twin nephews turn two. it's also when i am determined to finally figure out what phd program i should apply to or whether i'm going back to school at all. it's when i start enjoying the beautiful nyc weather and read outside as often as possible. i love may.

karenika  { 5.1.01 @ 9:18pm }

» May is the month of my sister's birthday. May is the month of my brother-in-law's birthday.

May is the month I need to come up with some original gift ideas.

Rony Tako  { 5.2.01 @ 8:12am }

» May is the month to celebrate so very fine peoples birthdays. It also turn out for me to be a month of excessive gardening. And then there is unpacking... and thinking of long distant friends.

– JSB  { 5.2.01 @ 9:07am }

» A baseball game in Milwaukee. A Schlitz-b-que on the lake. A wedding in Moline. A half-marathon in Madison. A dentist appointment. A brother -- the same brothr who tormented me with Chinese tickle torture? -- who turns 30. A cooking class.

And so, so much more.

Young Luke  { 5.2.01 @ 9:09am }

» Oh, *May...*

May is when I take a week off. May is when I turn 33 (May 12, for the curious, oh, and happy graduation Stef!) May would have been my parents' 34th anniversary, had my father still been alive. May is my sister's birthday, and her husband's, *and* their son's.

May is when I finally get that digital camera. May is when I see Cirque du Soleil, after five years of wanting to go. May is when I trash the redesign I'd been working on, and do a new one (see digital camera, above). May is taking my mother and my husband's mother out for Mother's Day (May 13th, don't forget!)

May will be both beautiful and bittersweet.

roe  { 5.2.01 @ 9:17am }

» Florida, bay-bee!

And damn, another person with a May birthday. My sister, my other sister, a close friend of mine, and my ex-fiance all have birthdays in May. Plus mother's day, for which I regularly buy three cards (mom, stepmom, grandmom), though if I was really feeling up to it I'd go for five (my two sisters both are mothers).

But definitely, end of May is Florida trip. Oh yeaaaah.

-me.  { 5.2.01 @ 10:04am }

» I'm so glad for May. We're going for a weeklong trip to Massachusetts this May, just in time to see the lilacs bloom like crazy. It's also the month of weddings, moving (Yep, us too!), and 100+ degree weather in AZ.

I love the spring. Especially May.

anathea  { 5.2.01 @ 12:03pm }

» may is allergies. the worst allergy season in recent memory, according to the forecasters.

may is moving halfway across the country. again.

may is the end of my first year of college and not knowing when i'll ever start my second

amanda  { 5.2.01 @ 7:57pm }

» It's my birthday too! On Saturday. Not much is happening around here though, so it'll be chill.

I might also be getting a new job in May, because it looks like the company I work for might not make it til June. *sigh* I hate big decisions.

Josh  { 5.2.01 @ 8:17pm }

» This year, May is the month that I start my life without my father. Still numb, still trying to get back on track. On the bright side, May is the month that I end my life in construction and begin my career as a Web designer!! Whish you were here to see it Dad!

Happy B-Day Derek!

– steve  { 5.3.01 @ 9:28am }

» May is moving, again, finishing my second to last year of school. May is a new job. May is summer, and I think things are getting, finally, good.

liz  { 5.3.01 @ 10:07am }

» May is nothing more than another month for this intrepid explorer. I'm sure you all care to hear that. I'm going to be living, loving, and learning.

Then again, if something incredibly interesting happens, then perhaps I will change my tune about all these sorts of things.

Stephen  { 5.3.01 @ 11:27am }

» may is, of course, my birthday. 13 more days to go ..... also mother's day and a time of decision on whether to make her happy by going outside after so long [yeah, I'm semi-agoraphobic; more socialphobic..heh] on that sunday. I'll probably just end up getting her a new tank top.

may is a time for thoughts on a redesign; probably won't really happen till june if then. may is my favourite cousin's graduation. it's too bad I can't be there.

may is a time for sun and time by the pool if we get a key to it. yay!

Amber  { 5.3.01 @ 11:42pm }


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