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accept change

accept change

I know Microsoft wasn't intentionally being philosophical when they wrote this particular contextual menu into Word, but, still, whenever I see it, I pause for just a moment.


Change is all around me these days. In a couple days I'll be 28. The pups are here now, so the pets outnumber the humans three to two. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with the book (only four chapters left), yet there's barely enough time to write them (I'm leaving the country on a family trip in ten days).

Change. Accept change.

I'm trying.

{ 11:55pm }



» derek,
i guess my last mail to you got lost in the barrage of mails that must be flooding your mailbox. I'd hate to think you 'kicked me out'.

This note is to say that every word in your site makes sense, is pregnant with meaning and most importantly, helping people change their views on personal sites. You've set standards without even realizing it!

– anisha bordoloi  { 5.15.01 @ 1:01am }

» Born in 1950 somewhere in Europe I am a (still) living corpse...
Native artist (painter) having studied English and French languages I have been making a decent living working in domains such as logistics and purchase....until I lost my job 3 years ago when my employer closed his business.
As I never had a dad like B.G., that means neither capital nor funds, I am out, too old to get a decent job, too poor to start an own business.
The change of society.... I accept, I must!
By the way, I am starting to invest my talents in web-design.... ( / are my trials).
Best regards

– Helmut Michael Schreiner  { 5.15.01 @ 1:08am }

» I just got a new cell phone. When I hit the scroll button, the screen says ALL MEMORIES ARE EMPTY. I know Samsung wasn't intentionally being philosophical when they wrote this, but, still, whenever I see it, I pause for just a moment.

andrew chaikin  { 5.15.01 @ 1:53am }

» ooh, this is just so cosmically ironic...yum

Tony  { 5.15.01 @ 3:36am }

» andrew chaikin wherever you are!

That was a cheeky do have a sense of humor.

I hope to see u in this space again.

– anisha bordoloi  { 5.15.01 @ 3:52am }

» I feel the same way whenever I see a "Submit" button on a web form.

Ed Bilodeau  { 5.15.01 @ 8:09pm }


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