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apple hoo-ha

Apple released a sweet 17-inch flat-panel monitor today that I completely covet.

"There's now no reason not to be using one of our amazing displays with your Power Mac," said Steve Jobs.

Well, there's one reason. If you own a Power Mac that's a couple years old like I do, then you can't use the new displays, because you don't have an Apple Display Connector, Apple's new proprietary connector, and the new monitors don't take the industry standard VGA input.


As a long time Mac user I'm really bummed about this. Does anybody know if anyone has created a VGA to ADC connector?

It's not like I can afford a new monitor right now anyway. But still....

{ 5:52pm }



» oooooh.... ummm... there's a big puddle of drool on my tile floor.....and it's not from Sammy....

– Kevin-John  { 5.21.01 @ 8:43pm }

» They do not make such an adapter.

When Apple lowered the price of the Cinema Display from $4k to $3k, I was there with my Visa card in hand, prepared to buy it. But I couldn't because of their proprietary connector.

Add that to the long list of other ways Apple closes their systems (software AND hardware) and one can see where Apple is starting to look like Microsoft.

As a long-time Mac user, I am greatly disappointed and may be turning to Linux very shortly.

Scott  { 5.22.01 @ 5:37am }

» Ugh. It took nearly 12 years for them to standardize to the VGA connector and now there they go again. I understand WHY they did it (single cable for power, picture, and USB) but they've shunned all the legacy users as a result.

But I still love their new iBook.

Mike Thomas  { 5.22.01 @ 6:13am }

» Not just legacy users. I know hardcore Apple haters that still would have bought the cinema display if they could have connected it. What great cross-over potential! Windows users staring at an Apple logo all day long. Everytime they got frustrated with Bill, the reminder of a viable option would be right there. I think they missed out.

Scott  { 5.22.01 @ 7:06am }

» This might be a rather pricey solution, but you could add a second graphics card (an ATI Radeon, more than likely) with an ADC port. Or you can get an ADC to DVI converter (available from the Apple Store). Either of these options require a G4. I'm guessing you have something slightly older (a beige or blue-and-white G3?).

I did a little research, and I'm sad to report that a ADC to VGA connector is not available, not in development, and from what I'm reading, too wrought with technical problems from a theoretical standpoint. In short, I guess you're S.O.L.

But then you could always get yourself a new G4 with OS X down the road, when you feel like burning a few grand really fast...

Mike  { 5.23.01 @ 12:14am }

» As a dedicated bicomputor, I have a full array of commentary about the proprietary workings of the world. I remember when Packard Bell came out with their first "PC," which was nothing more than a whole assembly of their own proprietary parts. Couldn't buy RAM from BestBuy if you wanted it to work in your PB.

Then Compaq did the same thing.

Now it's everywhere.

I bought one of those fantastic Titanium Powerbook G4s that everyone is drooling over. I can run God 3.0 off that machine. I could get a large monitor to tack onto it, too.

...then again, there's something just so sexy about having the laptop screen. Oooohhhhh.

Stephen  { 5.23.01 @ 12:23pm }


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