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Last night, at Chuck Palahnuik's reading, I wanted to (self-servingly) ask him if he ever writes true, personal, non-fiction. Otherwise known as storytelling. I never got the chance.

Turns out, he does.


And thanks, by the way, for humoring me while I work through this Palahniuk binge. It won't last much longer.


{ 4:01pm }



» I'm a big Palahniuk fan myself. That combined with my love for (Fray) style writing made me quite the happy fellow when I found this:

He really writes fantastic essays. The last four on the page are really powerful pieces. In an ideal world he'd let you design a (Fray) style layout for one of these.

Oh and if you get the chance give Irvine Welsh a try. I have found fans of Palahniuk tend to enjoy Welsh's work as well. His latest, Glue, is a solid read.

Sami Shah  { 6.6.01 @ 4:30pm }

» Chuck Palahnuik rocks... so does Welsh ... You don't have to move on ... it doesn't have to be a stage ... some things are good enough to absorb, to keep around as part of the furniture ...

– Jules  { 6.6.01 @ 5:56pm }

» Derek, been a big fan of Kvetch for a while and my girlfriend has a secret crush on you and everything you do.

When I went to a Chuck reading he was telling us about the casting of Survivor (the book not the tv show) saying that Jim Carrey wanted to be Tender Branson, and Juliette Lewis wanted the lead in Invisible Monsters. I raised my hand and pleaded with him to find some way of removing her lower jaw permanently.

But he was cool about it. The restraining order runs out soon anyway, I weirded him out by asking for an e-copy of Choke as I knew he'd sent a few out but he replied his editor had warned him against it and I'd best wait for the published version.

– D  { 6.7.01 @ 3:05am }

» Yeah... all this stuff is fine and good, but how in F@#$ do you pronounce that name. I've been looking for a copy of Choke in my local book stores. When I ask them about it they say, "Author?" and my reply is "Chuck Palokinakinenalen," they give me weird looks.

– Scott  { 6.7.01 @ 9:25am }

» According to, it's pronounced "paul-ah-nik," but he also goes by "Chucky P" because "he once was a rap star for BBC Radio." Which I find extremely hard to believe, but whatever.

dmp  { 6.7.01 @ 9:45am }

» I closed my radio show yesterday by reading from "Choke." (the bit about his favorite "Tarzan" website)

Man, that guy rocks.

– Halcyon  { 6.7.01 @ 10:47am }

» I was walking home from a physio appointment and passed my favourite second hand bookshop and there it was... Fight Club, on the display table. So I bought my first Palahniuk novel based largely on the comments here.

– Michael  { 6.8.01 @ 4:55pm }


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