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linke: andre

Do you know Andre Torrez? You should.

Andre writes beautiful stories over at His latest, "A Story About Death, Or My Being A Big Weenie, Take Your Pick" gave me little goosebumps when I got to the end.


Andre is also the guy behind, perhaps my favorite new site this year. The concept is simple: upload a file from your computer to one of the three piles (images, sounds, and movies). Ten files of each are displayed at a time. When number one goes up, number ten comes down.

It's like a chaos theory Napster – you never know what you're gonna get. I have an mp3 of Doctor Teeth singing a song from the Muppet Movie, thanks to File Pile. Then, as the icing on top, there are comments and ratings built in, too.

Nice to know ya, Andre.

{ 5:56pm }



» I even uploaded a photo! :

This is a gif animation of a chain of kites on Ocean Beach from a year or so ago. Due to the nature of the site, this'll be offline soon, so take a look now!

dmp  { 6.11.01 @ 10:40pm }

» Andre is awesome! The first story I read of his was the collapsed lung story. Ouch.

michaelbrown  { 6.12.01 @ 7:27am }

» andre has one of the best sites. of ever. talented, smart.

jocelyn  { 6.12.01 @ 11:06am }

» saw that gif 'kites'....lovely!

– anisha bordoloi  { 6.13.01 @ 12:58am }

» Gotta say it just one more time, (though hopefully I won't be the last to say it), Andre is one of the most amazing authors on the web.

– Abrella  { 6.13.01 @ 4:36pm }


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