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musical hypertext free association

"There's some tomatoes
Chemically engineered
They come out square
To fit in boxes

There's some people
Chemically engineered
They come out square
To fit in boxes"

– Dan Bern, "Go to sleep"


Sometimes my mind just wanders. Listening to Dan Bern's first album during an extended, finger prune-inducing, dishes session the other day, I started hyperlinking the lyrics in my head as I harmonized over the sound of the water. This is as much of it as I can remember.

"And I watched as everyone I knew
Spent their lives
Trying to be watched on stage
Watched on film
Or listened to on a record
And they thought
"Well, maybe that way
I could get a little love out of this life"
And I watched as the best of my generation
Abandoned their dreams
And settled for making a little money
I watched TV
Read the papers
Listend to the radio
And made all the fancy scenes
And said all the right words
And wore all the right clothes
And knew the names of the hip people
But I still felt out of touch
So I stopped watching TV
And reading the papers
And listening to the radio
And making the fancy scenes
And saying the right words
And wearing the right clothes
And knowing the names of the hip people
And I felt more out of touch than ever
But I didn't care anymore"

– Dan Bern, "Wasteland"

Sometimes everything just begins to overlap in my head. Sometimes I wonder if that's a bad sign....

{ 6:25pm }



» Things are overlapping in my head as well at the moment.

I'm really rather stressed.

I can't help but wonder if the overlapping is a sign from my brain saying "take a break so everything can space out again".

Tom Cosgrave  { 7.17.01 @ 2:14am }

» Oh dear, Derek... that would definitely have been one of my "far too engrossed in my weblog" warning signs... I fear for you and your family...

But you have excellent musical taste. Dan Bern is incredible. Too bad he's prone to nervous breakdowns, smashing expensive guitars and getting banned from folk festivals...

adam  { 7.17.01 @ 11:48am }


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