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new pow prod schwag!

powprod bookmark stickers

I got my new Powazek Productions bookmark stickers today!


Last month I got to have dinner with this great group of people, one of whom was the very talented Eun-Ha from Milky Elephant, who gave me this cool sticker bookmark. I asked her where she got them done, she said 1-800 Postcards, and, well, the rest is history.

They're really cool - two by six inches, full color, printed on postcard stock, and the front peels off as a sticker! If you're thinking about doing this yourself, I give 1800 Postcards mixed reviews. They don't have web ordering, so you have to fax them a credit card number, which is a little scary. Also, the printing on some of mine was a little smeared, and the bookmarks came in a big jumble in the box (which, maybe, could be blamed on UPS, but I bet they coulda been packed to avoid it).

Still, they're here, they're pretty, and just in time to scatter about the Webbies!

powprod bookmark stickers detail

So, hey. Wanna play a game? If you're not someone I see on a daily basis, and you've read this far down, and you'd like a few for yourself, and you're smart enough to find my postal address, just snail-mail me a stamped, self-addressed envelope and I'll send you some.

Ready? Go!

{ 4:48pm }



» Did you mean, instead of I think I might have to use them for my own project...

Josh  { 7.17.01 @ 5:42pm }

» Whoops! Yeah, thanks. Fixed.

Derek  { 7.17.01 @ 6:10pm }

» How much are they?

Tom Coates  { 7.18.01 @ 4:43am }

» Free! Just send me a self-adressed, stamped envelope and I'll send you a few.

Or, if you're asking about how much it costs to print 'em, that can be found out on their website.

Derek  { 7.18.01 @ 2:04pm }

» How 'bout I drop by your place next month and pick up a few? :)

James  { 7.20.01 @ 8:53pm }

» Can I have some too? :-)

Caroline  { 7.24.01 @ 9:55am }

» 35, 45, 85, 105....

One of these things is not like the others...

One of these things just doesn't belong...

God, I love Sesame Street...

– Kevin-John  { 7.24.01 @ 6:25pm }

» I'm not one to let a good idea go un-noticed.. does anyone know if there's a decent company to do these in the UK?

I just feel ordering them from the US and shipping them could be expensive.

– Ben Crawle  { 7.25.01 @ 2:28am }

» ooow they're pretty! (even if the packing wasn't...)..but
then anything (you) design has got Class! ...YaY Derek. can i have some too? ;p

– bl0ggrrl  { 8.9.01 @ 6:22pm }


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