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The scene: Me in seat G2, at the Webby Awards, quietly taking a few photos of my surroundings with the flash off, without bothering anyone. When suddenly She arrives.

She: Looking official, feeling important: "Is that a camera?"

Me: Glancing at the active screen: "No."

She: "Because you can't take pictures in here."

Me: "Oh."

She: Wanders away to warn people about going swimming without waiting a full hour after eating to avoid stomach cramps.

Me: Resumes quietly taking pictures.


More pics elsewhere:


Know of any more? Post 'em here!

{ 10:39pm }



» same thing happened to me at IKEA.. in the midst of trying to frame a shot of a sign with the text "energy conservation" with a backdrop of lightbulbs suspended from the ceiling.

I knew I should've pushed it. Snapped the shot, pissed her off, whatever.. to whatever end.

Instead, I went out and took a photo of the sign prohibiting photography inside of IKEA.

I can't help but fritz over the internal conundrum, be good or be kicked out.

Next time: bye bye, good girl.

Cior  { 7.23.01 @ 3:00am }

» San Francisco went to her head -- now that's an angle! Even Chardi agrees.

Who thought up that one? I want to give them an award. Chardi does too.

At the webbys did they give the answer to the question?
"What is the big love of a tiny fool?" Chardi wants to know too.

– michaelb  { 7.23.01 @ 10:29am }

» Halcyon posted his pics!

Derek  { 8.1.01 @ 12:46pm }


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