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powazek appearance tomorrow

Tomorrow I'll be speaking on a panel called "What's the Magic Sauce? Creating an Active Online Community" with folks like Craig Newmark and Cliff Figallo at EpiCenter (1 Market Street) starting at 6pm. Come on down!


And, fwiw, I'm pretty sure this is the magic sauce. ;-)

{ 2:30pm }



» I've just gotta put it into the record that I bought the green catsup and when I finally was done with all the old red stuff, I opened the new bottle with glee. I was twelve again. This was great. But damn it if it just isnít fundamentally wrong. I canít get over it. I know its cool, I know its OK, but something about eating a burger with green catsup just weirds me out.

Now itís all gonna be different with the purple.

– JSB  { 8.1.01 @ 10:12pm }

» This purple bottle lark sounds like an evil corporate plot to exploit kids and sel more bottles of sauce.

As for green ketchup, well, I think it might sell well on St. Patricks Day - but that would be it!

Tom Cosgrave  { 8.2.01 @ 2:17am }

» Kinda pricey for a panel, no?

mathowie  { 8.2.01 @ 1:34pm }

» Here in NZ, they put beets on Burgers, even in McDonalds, so I'm pretty much used to purple juice dripping out of my quarter pounder.

ben  { 8.2.01 @ 4:07pm }

» If they come around to blue ketchup, I'll consider it. But seeing purple ketchup on a plate of fries is fundamentally wrong.

Paul  { 8.3.01 @ 5:08am }


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