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dfc reborn

The book comes out in a week.

The site relaunches today.


So this is the secret project I've been working on with Ben for the last couple months. The new uses exclusively Brand Ben Brown technology, and we're still working on the really cool features.

Phew! It's such a relief to finally get this thing live. Hope you enjoy it.

{ 12:09pm }



» Looks great, Derek!

By the way, what program(s) do you use to design graphics? I'm learning Photoshop, but there's a large gap between many of the designers out there whose graphics catch my eye and my own less-than-great graphical skills. *wry grin* (Fortunately, I'm taking a class on web graphics this fall.)

Mike  { 8.8.01 @ 2:51pm }

» Yey!

claire  { 8.8.01 @ 3:55pm }

» Woooo!

ben brown  { 8.8.01 @ 4:53pm }

» Let me know where I can buy a copy !!U H

– Uncle  { 8.9.01 @ 8:04am }

» That interview you did enlightened me to one specific thing: I now know how to pronounce your name. :)

I love the tech behind the new site, though it seems a bit busy? Maybe it's just me.

Stephen  { 8.9.01 @ 9:08am }

» Derek: Will there be any way to buy the book directly from you instead of from Amazon or other middle person?

Luke  { 8.9.01 @ 11:17am }

» Luke - Nice thought, but no. Not in the foreseeable future, anyway. But if your goal is to support the author (a worthy, noble goal if ever there was one), buy the book from the link above or from the DFC site and I'll collect the Amazon affiliate payment.

(And thanks!)

Derek  { 8.9.01 @ 1:10pm }


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