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dmp on teevee part two

For anyone who missed my appearance on The Screen Savers on Monday (including everyone here in San Francisco, where the show isn't carried by local cable), TechTV has posted a video of my interview.

Amazingly, I think I look smaller on television (or maybe it's just the quicktime). And I think I wore a nervous smile the whole time. Other than that, I think I did pretty good. (Click "more" for pics!)


dmp on tv

Caption contest, anyone?

{ 8:42am }



» You were great. You looked like having no stress at all, your did some great talking (straight and clear) and apart from the 'uhm..politics!!!' seconds, the interview was quite good!

Konstantinos  { 8.10.01 @ 2:32am }

» Rock and roll, Derek!

Side Note... I love that screen savers/techtv show. Very little BS, lots of info and fun. I usually have it running as my desktop (via Radeon All-in-Wonder card) while I work, but I missed your interview. Good that it was up as a vid online.

Mark  { 8.11.01 @ 4:30pm }


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