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blast from the past

Jason's talking about old journals got me thinking.

I kept a journal when I was a little kid, but never very seriously. Scanning over my old web stuff, I found my oldest journal-like thing. It's a flashback from 1997, filed under "t."


One thing really stands out in reading those old journal entries: every single outside link is now dead and gone. The one to, which used to be a web shop, now results in an endless cascade of porn popups. The only link that doesn't 404 is an internal link.

Kinda makes you wonder how relevant all those "link and commentary" weblogs are gonna be in a few years, hmmn?

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» that's why i've chosen to no longer archive anything that i write on my weblog. no offense to some of the truly great writers and their weblogs, but i think a lot of the stuff written (certainly the stuff by me) is at best ephemeral, and that's the way i choose to present my own site. if all that i had was purely original content, that might be a different matter.

moz  { 8.9.01 @ 1:34pm }

» ach... It pains me so to think about all the vivid links that now point to perky popup porn places....

– Kevin-John  { 8.9.01 @ 1:48pm }

» i started going through the metafilter archives a few weeks ago..
waaay back to the beginning.. and what used to be semi-interesting commentary on a variety of pages is now mostly just vague comments describing the previous lives of various 404 pages... you have to read through the comments to try to get a picture of what the link contained. and this is only a couple of years later. in five years, blogs that follow the link/witty comment format will be completely devoid of content that makes sense.

– rj  { 8.11.01 @ 6:53am }

» wow you see a guy stealing wallets (including an attempt at your own) and all you can say is "do you mind!?" hrmm.

– thomascz  { 8.11.01 @ 7:36am }

» Wow, you can read that old story and not notice that I was making fun of myself for that? Hrmm.

Derek  { 8.11.01 @ 3:39pm }


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