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Claremont, the little Southern California town I grew up in, used to be known as the place the 210 ran out. If you took the 5 South through the vast sandy stretches of nothing from north to south, all you had to do is hang a left onto the 210 East and go until it ran out. That was Claremont.


But nothing stays the same, even an old home town. Because finally, after 30 years of threatening, the freeway is now plowing through my old stomping grounds. The town held it off for years, but finally succumbed. The endless six o'clock traffic on Baseline pushed everyone over the edge, I guess.

But the city didn't go down without a fight. In true Claremont style, they forced the freeway down a dozen or so feet to lessen the noise pollution it will undoubtedly cause. So now I guess Claremont will be known as the place the freeway dips, instead of stops.

Still, driving around my old home town this weekend, I couldn't help but feel a pang of sadness over it. And it's not that I'm sad about the devalued property values or the line the freeway will draw through the town. I'm sad because it's the final proof that everyone, and everything, eventually, has to grow up.

Even home towns.

Even me.

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» There a quite a few highways been built at the moment here in Ireland. As I live in the "burbs" right on the coast, this won't happen where I live. But I'm pretty sure other folks from around the country can identify with what you write.

I do feel a twinge though. I still live at home, but when I move away and come back through the years, I know things will change. I've always wondered what they'll be. I suppose time will tell...

Tom Cosgrave  { 8.14.01 @ 4:43pm }

» they paved paradise

and put up a parking lot...


– dad  { 8.15.01 @ 7:32pm }


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