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oh, almost forgot

I've been saving this up for months.

Hey Adam Mathes: Bite me!


Writing a book is like walking through the valley of all your worst self-doubt. It doesn't help to read people doubting you in your darkest hour.

It really jarred me to read that Uber story back in March, knowing that line ("Yeah, like that book is ever going to get finished.") was most likely directed at me. If anything, it motivated me to prove him, and my self-doubt, wrong.

And I did finish, miraculously. It was the hardest thing I've ever done. So please forgive me if I toot my own horn a bit and verbalize that "bite me" that's been stomping around the back of my head for five months.

I feel much better now. Really.

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» If you didn't feel all jubilant and stuff, there'd have to be something wrong with you. It's a big deal, a milestone in your life.

By the way, what interested me most about that Uber piece was the number of Dave Winer comments :-)

Tom Cosgrave  { 8.17.01 @ 5:52am }

» Ok, I didn't go to SXSW and I don't know any of them (or you, for that matter) personally. But couldn't that line have been written facetiously? Most of those comments look fabricated to me.

Scott  { 8.17.01 @ 6:43am }

» S'okay, Mr. Powazek. As one of your fellow-ribbed, I feel your pain. Well, sort of. After all, Adaptive Pahahaha is doing just fine, while everybody else seems to be tanking -- I think I may have one of the four tech jobs left in this city -- so I suppose that piece was a tad unfair across the board. Not to mention irreverant, scathing, bitter, cruel, and, well, just plain wrong!

– lane  { 8.20.01 @ 2:27pm }

» Maybe they was talking about *my* book, in which case it appears the Uber kiddies were most definitely right.

I got one of his galleys from Derek and in it he wrote: "Be afraid. Be very afraid." I thought at the time I'd find the energy to write my book, now I am so glad I didn't. It's good to have a life and a career and sleep. Very good.

Dinah  { 8.21.01 @ 10:06pm }

» Except -- and it's three in the morning, so forgive me -- if you read the top of the article, those lines are things he "overheard" rather than "said," yes?

(I'm just always in disbelief that people would ever say bad things about you, Derek. Why, why, why? Jealous, jealous, jealous?)

– mirla  { 8.26.01 @ 12:12am }


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