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Did anybody else notice something funny about last night's final episode of Six Feet Under? Heather and I both noticed a flash, paused the trusty TiVo and backed up to find this bizarre image stuck in the middle of a scene. And the funny thing is, I believe I've seen it before.


What do you think: Cable accident or subliminal message? Did you see it?

{ 12:15pm }



» i don't remember seeing that, but i know that The Air Up There was on last night, too (i think it was on HBO?).

isn't that a basketball the woman is holding?

our cable's been wonky lately, too. always shifting into slow-mo at the weirdest moments.

.sara  { 8.20.01 @ 2:05pm }

» Just to verify that it wasn't a glitch with your cable system, I'm in Philadelphia and I saw the same weird frame flash while I was watching the west coast HBO feed of Six Feet Under last night. But Sara's right -- The Air Up There was on one of the other HBO stations last night. That probably explains it.

Maybe this is some sort of shortcut you can use if you're ever playing a contentious round of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon:

"Oh yeah? Well, Ethan Embry was in Can't Hardly Wait with Lauren Ambrose... and Lauren Ambrose is in Six Feet Under on HBO... and then there was the season finale of Six Feet Under when the African woman with a basketball appeared for just a split second... and she was in The Air Up There with Kevin Bacon! So there!"

Mike  { 8.20.01 @ 3:34pm }

» I think I've seen this happen in other episodes of the show. Maybe it is a cross-HBO glitch, or maybe it has some greater symoblic meaning for Six Feet Under?

I haven't watched the finale yet, I'll be watching tonight and I'll stick toothpicks in my eyelids so I don't miss a single frame.

Leia  { 8.20.01 @ 3:47pm }

» This is getting stranger: H and I just watched "Event Horizon" (creepy!), which TiVo recorded on Sunday at 2am on HBO. There was another 1-frame image in the middle, and guess what - it was the exact same image!

We checked and "The Air Up There" was not playing concurrently either time. Which begs the question, what is that image and how many times have we seen it without even noticing?

Derek  { 8.20.01 @ 5:21pm }

» Perhaps itís like the tower in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Certain people will keep seeing it over and over.

Derek, youíve been chosen. Next thing youíll be carving basketballs in your mashed potatoes. The black helicopters will start circling overhead soon...

Davezilla  { 8.20.01 @ 5:59pm }

» Yes...I saw it, too!! I was wishing that I had been taping it so I could have replayed it and paused it! We are also ATT Broadband and are in the process of developing digital, so I thought it might be related to that! Good to know I wasn't hallucinating!

P.S. Thanks for the book..I'm on Chapter 2 and actually can understand it. You're super! :-)

– Momma  { 8.20.01 @ 8:26pm }

» Well weird. Maybe the fine folks at Metafilter will be able to explain it/come up with another tremendously creative scenario?

– Marrije  { 8.21.01 @ 12:33am }

» It's the mars lander! I'd recognize that baby anywhere! Way to go. Nice discovery, Pawazek! I smell a congressional medal of honor for you - for sure! NASA will be happy too!

fishrush  { 8.21.01 @ 4:19am }

» i've sent a comment through the hbo web site. they'll most likley think i'm smoking crack.

heather  { 8.21.01 @ 7:01am }

» It's Tyler Durden's doing, I know it.

Jerry Kindall  { 8.21.01 @ 7:35am }

» I'd seen the blip while watching 6FU with a few friends. Immediately, I felt like I was dying for a Coke. Coke's behind it, I tell ya.

JISH  { 8.21.01 @ 8:19am }

» Hmmmm....
I think maybe Jish is behind the whole thing. (He's obvioulsy just a shill for the sugar water industry, y'know)

Oh - and we should all bombard HBO's comments form with questions about the ball playing Africans. Then they won't thing Heather is smoking crack (or at least they'll know she's not alone....).

Jako  { 8.21.01 @ 8:41am }

» I stopped by HBO's board last night and someone had posted that they had seen this too. It is not merely happening to the weblogging community! We are not alone.

Leia  { 8.21.01 @ 9:08am }

» It was the first time I'd seen "Six Feet Under" so I just thought that was part of the crazy postmodern Alan Ball shtick.

Actually, I was at Chez Jish and the weird thing was that we all noticed it, yet until I saw Heather's posting about it, I'd forgotten all about it. It really is subliminal, I guess...

James  { 8.21.01 @ 12:05pm }

» All I know is that if these subliminal messages continue, then Rowdy Roddy Piper is going to come here to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And things will get really ugly if the man's out of Bubbilicious.

ed  { 8.21.01 @ 2:41pm }

» If I remember Sunday night correctly, there were two blips in Six Feet Under. I could obviously be wrong though I definitely remember the first one.

Definitely weird..

josh  { 8.21.01 @ 2:56pm }

» We get cable a week or two late here. I'll keep my eyes peeled for the frame. Although, I'm not sure what it would mean if I do see the image....

pinkstar  { 8.21.01 @ 6:01pm }

» Hey Folks: Someone just steered me to this. Don't be startled, and, Derkek, I hope I'm not interloping ...

but I'm an editor at a big newspaper and I find this weird enough -- and your comments lucid enough -- that we might want to write something about it. So if any of you are willing to be interviewed about this via e-mail, please email me:

BTW, I've seen every episode of "Six Feet Under," including Sunday night's, and I haven't seen these blips. But I don't have digital cable, and the cable signal in my apartment is so crummy that I probably overlook any number of Shroud of Turin video anamolies that are being emitted into my livingroom.


– Tim  { 8.22.01 @ 7:19am }

» I don' t know. Can you trust a New York Times editor who mispells (to use their parlance) Mr. Powazek's first name?

ed  { 8.22.01 @ 2:10pm }

» Hey Ed: What can I say? I was in a hurry. Besides, you misspelled "misspell," and no one's pointing it out.

Sorry, all the same, Derek.

– Tim  { 8.22.01 @ 2:17pm }

» Yeah -- I mean, gee whiz, the man didn't say he was a copy editor (sez me who knows the difference between a typo ["Derkek"] and a thinko ["mispell"] :-).

But you all are making me wish I had TV, which in turn makes me feel kind of yucky, so I will bid you adieu.

– Maggie  { 8.22.01 @ 4:16pm }

» The cable guy said he would be here today between 9 and 1. Or was it 1 and 4? Dammit. Anyhow, I missed him again.

– tormenting the cable guy  { 8.24.01 @ 11:45pm }

» btw, Derek, this thread showed up in the New York Times today:

mathowie  { 8.27.01 @ 12:45pm }

» i was on a flight from houston to chicago, concentrating on work (which is what the business section of NYT tends to make one do) what a great distraction to run across your name in an article. are you on your way to the ranks of the fabulous? of course you are.

jocelyn  { 8.28.01 @ 7:51am }


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