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fd5 photos coming online

The Fray Day 5 Photo Galleries are coming online now. First up: Kyoto, Melbourne, and San Francisco. Check 'em out!


Major props to LiveFrame, the software I'm using to power the Fray Day 5 galleries. I love it when I think, "you know, a little software would make this annoyingly tedious task much easier," and then I go out and look and acually find it. Especially when the tool is so spiffy. And even better when it's written by a guy I used to work with. (Thanks, Jim.)

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» it looks fabulous in full fray regalia! I'm thrilled you found it useful, Derek. enjoy it, and everything else.

Jim  { 9.29.01 @ 3:09am }

» Mine are also just up - they're not all that great, but what the hey...

Check them out!

Tom Cosgrave  { 9.29.01 @ 5:57am }

» If I'm not mistaken there were some Canadian areas pegged are your map pictures! Reveal yourselves Canadians, I'm so curious. Also, it would be great to know what the 'word oracle' or 'word dessert' project came up with!

Lana  { 9.29.01 @ 5:57am }

» Damn, those are some good shots. After messing up just about every shot, I have new appreciation for those who can take good pics in the dark.

I think a few of the ones I took managed to come out though... just gotta get the roommate to get them off the camera. I also have some pics from brunch the next day. Hopefully they'll be online shortly.

Any word on when Live365 might ever archive the show?

Dave  { 9.30.01 @ 3:26am }

» Hey Dave -- The secret of shooting in the dark? 800 speed film. (Yes, film!)

As for the audio, bad news. Live 365 didn't archive the stream. But my trusty sound guy Jed did! He made 3 audio tapes. So now it's just a matter of getting them digitized. Stay tuned.

Derek M. Powazek  { 9.30.01 @ 11:23am }

» I took the most of the photos with 800 speed film and 2 lenses. For the shots with decent (be it stage) light I used my 300mm lens, but for the darker shots I used my 28mm lens. I wouldn't even suggest using a 300mm+ for dark shots even with 800 speed film.

Here is a good primer.

Nick Finck  { 10.1.01 @ 12:07am }

» Argh! Slap those Live 365 bunnies! Goofballs. And hooray for Jed! We love Jed.

Thanks for the update, Derek.

Dinah  { 10.1.01 @ 10:02am }

» No no no no ... wel love Live 365! They came through for us and webcast the event for free. We love that. The not archiving thing was just a mistake, and we all make those.

But, yes, hooray for Jed. :-)

Derek M. Powazek  { 10.1.01 @ 10:38am }

» I'm just realizing that I should have shined my shoes before the event.

Kevin Smokler  { 10.5.01 @ 3:37pm }


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