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mahna mahna

Mahna mahna
(ba dee bedebe)
mahna mahna
(ba debe dee)
mahna mahna
(ba dee bedebe badebe badebe dee dee de-de de-de-de)



Why I love the internet number four hundred and thirty seven: Every addictive song from my childhood is at my fingertips.

{ 2:05pm }



» aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhh!


(mahna mahna)

heather  { 10.1.01 @ 2:10pm }

» if you want to download this video quicker, use Morpheus/Kazaa. A lot of people have it now :)

fouff  { 10.1.01 @ 2:43pm }

» Mahna mahna!

Derek M. Powazek  { 10.1.01 @ 5:05pm }

» C is for cookie, and cookie is for meeeeee........

Oh, and...


roe  { 10.1.01 @ 7:49pm }

» More now than ever, I miss my broadband connection. Let's see... 22MB overnight... hm....

Paul  { 10.1.01 @ 8:52pm }

» Mahna mahna!

Derek M. Powazek  { 10.1.01 @ 9:41pm }

» How long does this take to download????

– Momma  { 10.1.01 @ 9:54pm }

» Mahna mahna!

Derek M. Powazek  { 10.1.01 @ 10:16pm }

» It was worth waiting an hour and a half for! It made me smile.
Thanks, Derek!

– Momma  { 10.1.01 @ 11:13pm }

» I'd been wondering about finding that on MP3 since last week when Halcyon put the song in his radio tale (that plus funny radio clips = hi-larious) Thanks for finding this! :)

Dave  { 10.2.01 @ 12:54am }

» I was riveted to the tv when I first saw this. No idea when that was. Definitely before video, probably before we had colour tv since I don't recall the pink fluffies being pink (granted, we did come rather late to colour).
It made a BIG impression. And I'm afraid to play it in the office now, my love of Muppets is not taken too seriously around here... Loved the clip (even sans sound), thanks.
But why can't I save it to my desktop? (Not that I blame you (any of you) for that, far from it.)

marrije  { 10.2.01 @ 5:36am }

» okay, I remember a scene from the early 80's with thish mahnamahna dude in ANOTHER song -- there was a man with a young lady (possibly prarie dawn), teaching her about the shapes... and this dude would come in and do a mad song about the shape and turn them into guitars. anyone remember this, or was I just tripping during my childhood?

indiesub dan  { 10.2.01 @ 6:36am }

» oh, that sounds terribly familiar, but yes, i think prairie dawn always did have some sort of hallucinatory quality about her. ...

and just the other morning at the bus stop i sang:

two and two are four ...
four and four are eight ...
eight and eight are ... sixteen
sixteenandsixteenarethirtytwooo ...

maggie  { 10.2.01 @ 7:01am }

» ok, can somebody explain why sesame street is now sesame park in canada? i know it's a bit off-muppet.

Lana  { 10.2.01 @ 7:24am }

» I know! I was pretty well knocked off my booties when I saw that one.

I'm still too shocked to comment, and it's been almost 2 years...

However, there is some redemption from modern Sesame Street adventures -- If you've got dish and can get "Sesame Street Unpaved", you can get your fix of the earlier Sesame Street episodes we all know and love....

Lizard  { 10.2.01 @ 9:15am }

» YES!!!!! It's on a channel called "Noggin," and it's on at 2:00 in the morning...

The Electric Company is on, too. Bill Cosby. Rita Moreno. Mel Brooks doing *voiceovers.* ** Morgan Freeman! **

You will howl. You will laugh. You will worship Bob.

roe  { 10.2.01 @ 9:41am }

» Wow...and here I thought I was being super hip and cool with my Flash radio show intro. Hmmm....well, do any of the other clips mention"shorn scrotums" mid-manamana?

– Halcyon  { 10.2.01 @ 1:01pm }

» Halcyon - You were being super hip and cool. I think seeing your radio intro is what stuck the song in my head. You trendsetter, you!

Derek M. Powazek  { 10.2.01 @ 2:08pm }

» I've just got the MP3 playing over and over and over... My friend has now conditioned people in his office to respond with doo doo doodoodoo whenever he walks by and says Mahnamahna...

I want to challenge anyone here to go as a Snowth for halloween. Do it and take pictures...

Dave  { 10.2.01 @ 2:19pm }

» Dammit Derek! It's gotten tattooed on my brain. I am in love with it.

Now my friends look at me funny.

Well funnier than before anyway.

Sami Shah  { 10.2.01 @ 3:13pm }

» My coffee seems to taste better this morning with the musical accompaniment.

Thanks, Derek, for reminding me how little it takes (sometimes) to change the entire mood of a day.

mahna mahna,

– ShyQ  { 10.2.01 @ 5:52pm }

» i couldn't stop giggling last night when i downloaded this onto the computer at 5:00 am....oblivious to all but the little pink 'fritters' i look up and my roommates as well as my cats are looking at me as if i've gone insane. hmmmm.....

– celisa  { 10.2.01 @ 6:42pm }

» hey stop thanking derek =P it's from my site ;)

glad you are all enjoying it.

fouff  { 10.2.01 @ 9:26pm }

» Still hilarious after 20 years. Do do da do do.

Kevin Smokler  { 10.2.01 @ 10:28pm }

» i'm calling my band mahnamana. it has to be done.

indiesub dan  { 10.3.01 @ 3:21pm }

» Once, a few years ago, I was visiting London during a two-week Christmas break. I was alone in that country, and caught a cold, so the last few days really became miserable, and homesickness made it worse.

One night, to pass the hours, I went to a cinema to see a movie - the Muppet Christmas Carol. The show was funny, nothing spectacular - but the absolute best part of it was - seeing all my friends! Gonzo and Fozzie and Kermit and everyone - all these guys who I'd known since I was little were there with me, laughing singing and having fun. I never expected such a reaction, but it just absolutely made my day.

– at  { 10.4.01 @ 4:16pm }

» have been searching for Hours for a downloadable video of mahna mahna. feeling clueless. please help (send me a link)!

– Julie  { 11.2.01 @ 6:46am }

» Looks like it's been taken down now, Julie. Sorry!

Derek M. Powazek  { 11.2.01 @ 11:19am }


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