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summer is here

It's finally, finally, summer in San Francisco. Clear skies, mid-eighties, no fog in sight. There's a slight breeze in the air, everyone's in shorts and sandals, there's a jazz band playing down the street and dogs frolicking in the park. And friends. Dropping by for beers. Wandering into stores on Haight. An old Etta James CD for ten bucks. Plans for dinner and drinking.

Life, for once, for now, is good.

{ 5:57pm }



» I saw you on the street today. I was gonna say hi, but I the moment kinda passed while I was thinking of something to say.

So, uh, hi.

Tom  { 10.13.01 @ 7:11pm }

» Fall has finally come to Missouri...and it reminds me of the best days I ever had in San Francisco.

I walked outside the other morning with the gray sky above me, and the chill hand of the wind pressing on my back, and I felt for a moment like I was home again.

No Haight to walk down here, though. No Pier and no Berkeley to get lost in. But at least I finally found a Thai restaurant, and that's good.

Enjoy that wonderful weather for the rest of us who left it behind. It sure is nice. :)

Stephanie  { 10.13.01 @ 8:02pm }

» And a third straight day of meteorological bliss...I love "summer" in San Francisco.

Tom, was Derek with some scary, bald guy when you saw him?

Jay  { 10.14.01 @ 12:08pm }

» Yes, yes, you were there too. See? I totally should have said something. Next time, I promise :)

Tom  { 10.14.01 @ 2:01pm }

» I saw that scary bald guy out on saturday night too. What a weirdo. ;)

This Summer in October thing is a little weird for me, since I'm used to 40s in New York and 50/50 chance of snow on halloween. Screw this going back to New York crap, I'm staying right here :)

I went for a nice drive today to Lick Observatory down near San Jose. 85 and sunny, slight breeze to cool me off, and views of the whole area. I'm thinking next week I'll do the opposite and head to Mt. Tam. Gotta love "summer"....

Dave  { 10.15.01 @ 12:06am }

» I hear ya, Dave! Good for you. You've been sucked into the gravitational force of the left coast!

Tom, I'm easy to spot. Say hi next time. :-)

Jay  { 10.15.01 @ 3:36am }

» Well then, what a perfect time to get sent out there on business. Hoo-wa!

sandor  { 10.15.01 @ 10:10am }

» And oy, so hot! My thick northern blood can handle it!

Kevin Smokler  { 10.15.01 @ 1:34pm }


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