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Attention Angelinos: {fray} contributor Lance Anderson is going to be hosting a very special night of stories tomorrow (Thursday) night. Read on for details.


Here's the press release Lance sent me.


Starting October 11 at the Lankershim Arts Center, in North Hollywood, local storytellers will present a weekly Story Salon. The Story Salon will run for five consecutive Thursday evenings at 8pm. Each Thursday will feature 10 storytellers, each performing seven-minute stories based on a theme. Each week's lineup will be unique based on a revolving cast of over 25 members.

Scheduled to perform over the course of the run include Beverly Mickins, Dan Farren, Lance Anderson, Julio Martinez, Michael Rayner, Joseph Doherty, Frances Peach, Marti MacGibbon, Paul Jacek, Leni Ramberg, and Bill Sperling among others.

Each Thursday one of the members will host the evening of storytelling that is based on a theme.

October 11: Minor Celebrity Encounters hosted by Michael Raynor
October 18: "It's too late to turn back now" hosted by Beverly Mickins
October 25: Crime and Punishment hosted by Lance Anderson
November 1: New York Stories hosted by Dan Farren
November 8: Epiphanies and Revelations hosted by Beverly Mickins

The Story Salon sprung out of the storytelling group Anything But Standup that is now in its sixth year. The weekly shows function as the workshops for the Story Salon seasonal runs. Both projects are created and produced by Beverly Mickins.

The Lankershim Arts Center is located at 5108 Lankershim in the NoHo Arts District. All shows begin at 8pm. Admission is $5. Proceeds from the November 1st show will be donated to the American Red Cross. For more information contact (818) 796-1837"Sponsored in part by the Los Angeles Cultural Affairs Department. Presented in association with The Other Side of the Hill Productions, Inc. Accommodations for disabilities are available upon 72 hour advance notice (818) 752 -7568 or TDD (818) 755-7699.

If you make it to the show, be sure to come back here and tell us all about it!

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