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Today in San Francisco there was a massive auction of Webvan's former assets. The news report I saw last night took a certain discernible glee in poking another finger in the gaping wound of the dot com bust, noting that they'd be auctioning off millions of dollars in servers, chairs, and exercise equipment.

But all is not lost, friends. Because tonight I ordered dinner for me and my sweetie at, where business is booming. And the burritos were top-notch, too.

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» Burrito delivery? big city folks get all the perks.

armando  { 10.30.01 @ 9:10pm }

» What kind of burritos?

– Nelson Thomas  { 10.31.01 @ 6:30am }

» if you like a good burrito >>> check out chipotle .

excellent stuff

– wayno(dwino)  { 10.31.01 @ 6:49am }

» food quality aside, chipotle is owned by McDonald's. bleh.

– jpancake  { 10.31.01 @ 7:02am }

» But three years ago, was there not much "discernible glee" present in the way the dot-com considered old-economy media? As someone who lost count of the times a VC's Porsche screamed past my 1985 VW on my way to work at the newspaper, I would submit that the answer is "yes."

Not that schadenfreude is ever called for. Just sayin' is all.

Young Luke  { 10.31.01 @ 7:47am }

» Stupid question - what's a Burrito?

H  { 10.31.01 @ 10:55am }

» Dude.

Derek M. Powazek  { 11.1.01 @ 11:39am }


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