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halloween in the castro

Last night was another fun-filled Halloween in the Castro.


My costume was kinda conceptual. I dressed up in a big white suit and covered myself in "fragile" stickers from the postal store around the corner. What was I supposed to be? Fragile. I was fragile. When people talked to me, I'd say, "Shh. Not so loud." And: "I'm feeling a little sensitive right now." And: "It hurts that you would say that to me." Get it? Fragile.

Of course, everybody else just saw a guy covered with postal stickers and caution tape and thought I was Anthrax. Figures. At least no one tried to arrest me.

And Heather? She was a golf protester. Golf is evil, you see.

The crowd on Castro Street was as dense as ever, leading to many uncomfortable minutes of bumping around shoulder to shoulder saying excuse me, and at least one opportunity to yell, "Hey, watch it, buddy!"

Still, our work was rewarded by finding some of those wonderful moments that make living in San Francisco go great. The mirror ball people. The exotic dancer of indeterminate gender, bumping and grinding in a window. And, of course, the zebra man.

The secret to celebrating Halloween on Castro Street? Arrive early, leave early. When the kid in the Jason mask slipped on a beer bottle and fell into the zebra guy, we knew it was time to pack it in.

What did you do for Halloween?

{ 9:08pm }



» What did I do? Missed you in the crowd!

I was there early & left early, but had a great time and really loved looking back down on the throng from Kite Hill.

Dinah  { 11.1.01 @ 10:54pm }

» Um, not much. I seemed to be answering e-mail from you. We don't do Halloween over here.

Caroline  { 11.2.01 @ 2:53am }

» Ahhh, I just went out with a few friends, but then they left so I wandered around the Castro to the cheers of the people: "Hey Osama!" "What up, Bin Laden".

It was lovely...

Jay  { 11.2.01 @ 10:07am }

» I was in the Castro! 'Twas my first Halloween in San Francisco, and by far, it was the nuttiest collection of people I've ever witnessed. But boy, so much fun. Winner for the "What were they thinking?" award: guy in a suit, carrying a briefcase, covered in dust head-to-toe, with a "I *heart* New York" sticker on his lapel.

Me? I was the astronaut. Or, if you prefer, the Castro-naut.

sandor  { 11.2.01 @ 11:49am }

» I silkscreen myself a nifty t-shirt and attached a pullstring to the back to make myself "Didier Flammy - poupee diabolique d'ennui"... or an annoying French puppet/doll thing with a pullstring on the back to make me say things. Unfortunately, I really had nowhere to wear the costume other than work and they stuck me in the most out of the way areas all day, so only a few people got to experience Didier Flammy. At least I still have a nifty t-shirt though.

Stef  { 11.2.01 @ 10:26pm }


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