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A great collection of opt out cookie links: Click them all!

{ 10:03pm }



» I got excited when I saw the link on the front page of lance arthur's site about killing Internet ads yesterday. It kinda works. Like everything of this ilk kinda works.

I realize all methods for blocking ads available to-date are imperfect. Like filtering out inappropriate Internet content -- safesurf, netnanny, etc. Had a huge problem when I worked for an on-line pharmacy when they started blocking words like "breasts" and "vagina." It was annoying when we were doing fact checking on breast, cervical cancer and (of course) porn. Especially the latter.

I've just become very frustrated in dealing with Internet junk. Whether it be e-mail in my personal accounts, fake buttons, even more fake scrollbars, shock the monkey, hit the monkey, blinking lights proclaiming, "You could be a winner!" And I realize people have bills to pay, but the ends that advertisers go through to increase click-throughs is insane.

Crazy like a monkey even.

– skipperchong  { 1.10.02 @ 7:10am }

» Excellent resources, Derek and skipperchong. Thanks.

meryl  { 1.10.02 @ 7:52am }

» This little piece of javascript detects parasites shady programs such as scumware, spyware and adware that gets installed on someones browser without a persons knowledge or consent. Enjoy

Tim  { 1.10.02 @ 4:21pm }

» Forgot to mention, that "little piece of javascript" link was stolen from Ernie. Props were due.

Tim  { 1.10.02 @ 4:24pm }

» What's out? What should be in?
Big Brother is watching!

– morris powazek  { 1.11.02 @ 5:15pm }

» Ladies and gentlemen, my father. Let's hear it for him! Woooo!

Derek M. Powazek  { 1.11.02 @ 5:27pm }


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