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la la laaa laaaa

I can't tell you how much I hate the new Talk of the Nation theme song. It sounds like a high school band warming up on a cold morning. Slowly.


And yes, I realize that getting upset about something that's on the radio for twenty seconds a day shows that I'm spending way too much time sitting at home, listening to the radio. I call it "freelancing."

{ 11:05am }



» ride the wave, derek. before you know it you'll be powazeking us again with your creativity.

at least we hope. :-)

– diane  { 1.16.02 @ 11:42am }

» We don't get Talk of the Nation in Austin on our public radio station. =(

But I agree that the new theme reminds me of my old house in El Paso, where I lived two blocks from the football field.

– skipperchong  { 1.16.02 @ 12:32pm }

» The word “hate” will only make it that much more difficult for you. Next time, give this a try, and hopefully, there will be someone in the room with you, that will understand you and what’s going on and smile with you. Say with a big smile “I truly dislike…”
No I’m not a Dr. ….But I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express about a year ago. Please don’t pick on me, or “I will truly dislike…” Remember Derek, 100 years from now, it just won’t matter.

– Charles B.  { 1.16.02 @ 5:20pm }

» I am so close to disabling comments on this site.

Derek M. Powazek  { 1.16.02 @ 5:25pm }

» People sometimes write things that they would never dream of saying to a person. Like lecturing their host on what words to use and not use. In this case it's a syndrome called "not getting the living room metaphor explicitly stated below".

christopher  { 1.16.02 @ 7:59pm }

» The original theme uses a very interesting choice of instruments. The main voice (the bouncing rhythmic melody) is a kalimba -- an African "thumb piano". The kalimbas I've seen are hollow wooden boxes about 7"x9" with a round hole in the upper section. Metal strips are set across the hole, sort of the way that guitar strings are stretched across a hole. When you depress a strip and let go, it vibrates making that very cool sound. The horn/organ sound that comes in behind, is a synthesized deal.

The new theme by Smith is surprisingly amateurish for NPR. Simple but intriguing themes are NPR's calling card (e.g. All Things Considered and Fresh Air). Rhythmically, the new theme is very straight up and down -- it lacks any sort of invention. I've known kids in summer music camp that have penned more interesting melodies. It develops very slowly but never goes anywhere. It really does suck.

christopher  { 1.16.02 @ 9:00pm }

» Thank you, mister Naze! It's nice to know my gut feeling has some actual merit. ;-)

Derek M. Powazek  { 1.16.02 @ 9:15pm }

» I calls 'em the way I sees 'em.

My pleasure, Mr. P.

christopher  { 1.17.02 @ 10:18am }

» Beyond having merit it appears your "gut feeling" also has sympathy among other listeners. I heard host Neal Conan reading letters today and he noted that more listeners were upset by the change of music than enthused. He didn't, however, indicate that they would be returning to the music we have all grown accustom to.

Sorry with you,

Shmuel  { 1.17.02 @ 1:36pm }

» I can only assume the theme song is equally as annoying and yes, hateful, as the new Subway friggin Clay Henry jingle. Argh!

Lana  { 1.17.02 @ 1:40pm }

» Well, I actually like it! It's very..."Olympian". I can just picture the ice skaters with the wind blowing in their hair, moving in slow motion. Oh, wait...I get it...that's exactly why you hate it! :-)

– Lois  { 1.17.02 @ 4:33pm }

» i don't mind it too much... even though it's not what i'd call a beautiful snippet of music, it's recognizable enough for me to know it's time to turn up my radio when i hear it :)

– amy  { 1.17.02 @ 4:34pm }

» The new one is no great shakes, agreed, but the old one always sounded like a child's xylophone to me. It sounded amateurish and unsophisticated, which clashed with the tone of the show.

I truly disliked it.

(True story: Once, in real life, in a real living room, a good friend explained why she found the word "hate" distasteful, like using "rape" in non-rape situations. I was glad she did. Just sayin' is all. I still truly like you, D!)

Young Luke  { 1.18.02 @ 7:37am }


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