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Wanna catch up with me in Austin? Here's where I'll be.


Sunday, March 10

Panel: Independents Day: Celebrating Independent Content
Austin Convention Center. 10:30am to noon.

I'll be joining Gabe Kaen and Josh Davis for a discussion on independent content sites, moderated by Jeffrey Zeldman.

Performance: Fray Cafe 2
The Hideout: 617 Congress Avenue. 8pm to midnight.

I'll be performing a trilogy of stories called "Derek M. Powazek, raving lunatic" and then emceeing the other performers and the open mic.

Monday, March 11

Reading: Vox Nox
Red Eyed Fly: 715 Red River. 7pm to 9pm.

I'll be reading from Design for Community as well as San Francisco Stories along with Corey Doctrow, Mark Meadows, Philip and Mikela Tarlow, and Eric Durchholz.

Tuesday, March 12

Panel: Design for Community 2: The Users Strike Back!
Austin Convention Center. 3:30 to 5pm.

I'm moderating what will hopefully be a lively conversation about when virtual community goes awry (and what you can do about it) with Matt Caleb Clark, Matt Haughey, and John Styn.

See you in Austin!

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