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et tu, tivo?

I just got spam from TiVo. Wonderful TiVo! Beloved TiVo! How could you do this to me?

"How TiVo makes celebrities pause" was the subject line. Celebrities? Just when you think your TiVo understands you....

I know I didn't ask to be on the list because I never check that box. So TiVo spammed me. Very bad. But, fine, I'll forgive it and follow unsubscribe link. The form conveniently loads up with my email address in it. Nice. But when I click "submit" I get:

We're sorry. An error occurred while processing the data or the email address you entered is not in our database. Please click the 'back' button on your browser or the link below, double check your entry and re-enter your email address.

Sigh. I know it's my email address. Hell, you know it's my email address - the spam put it in itself! So you're sending me spam I didn't ask for and not giving me a way to opt out. Isn't that illegal?

Update: 11:30am: I have now received the spam to three different addresses, including the classic oyvey, which I have never given TiVo or anyone else. TiVo is a spammer. I'm crushed.


Are you a TiVo user? Did you get the spam, too?

{ 10:49am }



» I also decided to let the TiVo Community know about this. Sometimes the only way to correct a company's behavior is a good public outcry.

Derek M. Powazek  { 3.21.02 @ 11:53am }

» I did once get a spam from TiVo - a while ago - haven't gotten any since. I'm fairly certain that an unsub page worked at that time.

I know that there've been missives from in the past, though.

Paul  { 3.21.02 @ 1:53pm }

» The only email I have received from TiVo was the notice of price increase. I wonder if TiVo mined the community for email addresses...

Greg  { 3.21.02 @ 4:01pm }

» I received the "makes celebrities pause" spam, and I don't own a TiVo. My opt out didn't work either. Of course since I have originated a bit of spam myself I guess I cant complain.

– JSB  { 3.21.02 @ 6:59pm }

» maybe someone else subscribe your e-mail :P

david  { 3.22.02 @ 6:30am }

» now there's a point

tias  { 3.22.02 @ 5:13pm }

» I have my own web domain with unlimited email forwarding so I have nearly 30 different email addresses/acounts registered with different resume places like monster, flipdog, adecco, etc.

Its great when you opt out and yet still receive the 'Hey (insert resume place name here), you too can work from home or make millions of the web.' Look dorkis, I work with the web. I know it can be done. I also know it can be lost there too.

So you call the company you registered with, they deny every thing since you opted out but since I say hey ... is says company x and I don't email that name out or anything and I opted out what will you manager do for me? ... Well I now have some of the 'upgraded' services that most folks get for $9-10 per month, for a few months. Woo-hoo.

– Scott  { 3.22.02 @ 6:09pm }

» I am a TiVo subscriber and I never got any e-mail from them. I am trying to find a reference in the book You Are Being Lied To about TiVo but I can't find it. But I remember it being about us TiVo subscribers giving up privacy in exchange for the privilege of being able to record every occurance of "The Simpsons". A privelige that we pay for. The world gets more Orwellian every day.

– Eric Durchholz  { 3.25.02 @ 2:00pm }

» I'm assuming that you are sure that the spam really originiated from Tivo? I only ask because I have noticed lately that I am getting some very authentic looking spam from generally reputable companies. Only on closer examination do I realize that somebody has co-opted their logo's etc to try and sell me something.

Chris  { 3.26.02 @ 6:21am }

» I'm also a TiVo subscriber and haven't gotten the mail in question. My tivo stuff goes to tivo@mydomain, so I would know if they were spamming me. Occasionally I do get TiVo spam, but its because one time I forgot to check the box, and I never bothered to unsub since its so infrequent. But hey, I dunno. TiVo could be evil. It would be sad, but its possible.

Zeno  { 3.28.02 @ 1:57am }

» I got the spam too, but it didn't bother me that much. What bothers me more is the mandatory advertising that appears in my TiVo menus. "Win a Lexus," "Talk to Francis Ford Coppola about ...," and other annoying items. There is no way to delete them, and there's no way to configure the TiVo to stop displaying them in the future. It's annoying.

I might be able to opt-out by calling their customer service and complaining. However, this is somewhat inconvienient; since I'm paying over $150 a year for TV listings, I think they should be thankful for my business and establish an "opt-out by default" policy.

But despite the ads, I been satisfied with 90% of what TiVo does, so I still think they're a good company.

– Hossein  { 3.28.02 @ 12:41pm }


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