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Does anyone here have any experience with pMachine? I haven't installed yet, but it looks like the first personal publishing tool to come along with the feature I've been longing for: memberships. I believe that the offspring of the marriage between weblogs and community sites will be the Next Big Thing, and it looks like this tool brings us one step closer.

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» Don't you mean "the first publishing tool to come along with memberships that isn't run by a total freaking lunatic"?

I'm going to install pMachine over the weekend to kick the tires a bit; if and when I do, expect to read about my experience over on QDN.

Jason  { 4.16.02 @ 8:55pm }

» I've been using pMachine for about a month now, and although I still don't have a handle on everything it will do, so far the experience has been rewarding.

GK  { 4.16.02 @ 11:41pm }

» Looks Nice. Might be a little intimidating for a casual publisher. I am distraught at the lack of tools for Windows based server users. I'm writing one as we speak, and while not as full featured, does suppport CMS features, Lists, Blogs, etc. Hey! here's an idea--can we start a list of things any Personal publishing System should include??

Nik  { 4.17.02 @ 9:02am }

» ABC Electric Journal has run on pMachine since it launched, but I don't know anything about their experience with it.

matt  { 4.17.02 @ 11:39am }

» I played with it, but wasn't happy with the fact that some of the layout is stored in sql tables (same for phpnuke). It makes it more time consuming to make more original layouts. I prefer's b2. The code is simply written and easy to modify for you're own use. There is also a user "level" that you can use to control what users can do. That and its quite fast. I used it on my site and it has had no trouble severing out 375,000 requests for pages so far this month. ( i have no affiliation with b2, i just use the product )

Tim  { 4.17.02 @ 3:20pm }

» Yeah, but does it have ALL the features that pMachine seems to have?

– Chad  { 4.18.02 @ 9:08pm }

» Coming from Greymatter I found pMachine's templating system very similar, so I felt right at home. I tried B2 as well. My take is the opposite of Tim's. I found the fact that with B2 you have to wade through all the php on every page a huge drag. Seemed very crude. I've tried a few other systems as well. They all have their strenghths and weaknesses. One thing I like is that pMachine comes with a lot of extras out of the box. Even something as simple as a hit counter is included, saving a lot of extra time and effort.

– Mike  { 4.19.02 @ 12:43am }

» I've been using pMachine for a couple of months and I've had no complaints. The membership and mailing list capabilities along are worth the price of the license.

– Leslie  { 4.19.02 @ 9:49am }

» Hi Derek!


Dave Winer  { 4.20.02 @ 7:24pm }


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